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Toronto Office Coffee!

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Hi Everyone!

I am currently shopping around for new office coffee for my company. We have locations in Toronto, Scarborough and Markham. We currently use the flavia system and its time for something new . . Or at least a new supplier who isn't going to jack up the prices without telling us!

Does anyone have any systems or companies they would recommend?

Purchasing a whole system is a possibility, and we prefer to stick with single serve (because honestly - who wants to deal with the mess and hassle of anything else!)

Thanks for any ideas & suggestions!

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  1. Try Imperial Coffee...they do a great job and have been in business for years..


    1. Third Imperial Coffee. They've been servicing our office for years - and there's this nice guy who comes every week to replenish stock and clean the equipment.

      We also love the Flavia. No mess!

      We use them for our water too.


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      1. www.onthewaycafe.ca would be one. They've been providing our office coffee service for 2-3 years now and have outstanding service and a great selection of coffees.


        1. I too would recommend Imperial Coffee. It is a well managed company and their service is excellent.