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Nov 10, 2010 11:58 AM

D'Best Sandwich Shop

I was searching some of my favorite places and couldn't find a listing for this little gem. Hard to find but great subs! I usually get a cheesesteak. In Boca off Yamato.

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  1. Great subs there, turkey is sliced off the bone, and tasty.. Great Spot for Subs

    1. V&S Deli on Federal in Boca. Go no's the best. Hot and Cold on fresh Italian bread. Primarily take-out but small counter and a couple of tables outside.

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        1. re: alcaplan

          V&S is good too but D Best has a different selection.

          1. re: alcaplan

            I dont disagree with you whatsoever... Was just stating that D'Best Sub Show, make a very good sub. You also have Talia's on Dixie, which puts out a Great Sandwhich and food.

          2. Some co-workers go to D'Best on occasion. Some also like the Swiftey's Food Market grilled/pressed subs as well.

            1. D'best really great food as is V & S tops italian subs

              1. 1rst time visit - one of the best cheesesteaks I have had in quite some time. Along with the steak, the sub roll is a winner. I would say a notch above Big Al's. I see that they rub & roast their own whole turkey and roast beef. I'll be back.

                Has anyone tried their pastrami?


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                1. re: freakerdude

                  I haven't tried the pastrami...probably because I can't get past "The Pilgrim" sandwich. Fresh Roasted Turkey pulled from the bone every day, on a sub roll with Mayo, Stuffing, & Cranberry Sauce. Yum...I wish they were open right now!


                  1. re: LiveRock

                    The pastrami is good but the portion of meat was kind of small. It would have been worth it to pay extra and have them add more. The philly cheese steak is hard to beat but I will try the fresh roasted turkey pilgrim.