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Nov 10, 2010 11:31 AM

21 courses at Fraiche Restaurant - Liverpool

An Autumn dinner at Marc Wilkinsons Fraiche restaurant in Liverpool.

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  1. tell us about it.

    the pictures are beautiful but not much use without your views - highlights, lowlights etc would be great to hear about.

    1. The portions don't look small enough to be able to manage 21 courses!

      1. We went to Fraiche recently, and it was great. The 21 courses Sped98 talks about is their "Menu Black" - an option for regulars or people in the know - it gives him a chance to experiment with some new dishes. The Bespoke Menu is the one we had, which was 12 courses. There are others - three, four and five courses I think.

        Highlights for us were the warm winter salad (the picture above with the egg yolk in it), a seabass dish and the quail - all fabulous and perfectly cooked.

        Definitely worth a special visit to Oxton/Birkenhead.