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Nov 10, 2010 11:24 AM

Need a fun spot for Company Christmas Party

Any suggestions for a fun place for Co. party (approx. 20 people) with great food/atmosphere?

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  1. Bar Ferdinand has a front room that is perfect for your group. Sangria, tapas great desserts. Sounds like fun to me.

    1. Are you looking for something downtown, burbs?

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      1. re: mitchh

        Either would be fine...some folks live in Berwyn area, others close to the city.

      2. I used to throw some killer office parties at the Cherry Street Tavern. Roast Beef sammies to die for, but not much else food-wise. Cheap booze, and a private room.

        1. Lucky bowling alley on Chestnut or the one in NoLibs
          Chery St Tavern...funny thing, i thought their roast beef sammie was to die for, but when i went back sans tequila, can't say i loved it, but have often wondered if it was just a bad night because it was my best memory of the evening!

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            The bowling alley idea is a good one. We went to a party at the one in northern liberties and it was awesome. The food was excellent and you can rent out the lanes on the second floor with your own bar, etc... It was a lot of fun.

            Distrito might be fun too.

          2. Last year, our holiday party was at the Hibachi Japanese Steakhouse on Columbus Blvd. It was a perfect size and is gorgeous with the clear glass windows overlooking the water. And Hibachi is always fun and entertaining!