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Nov 10, 2010 10:29 AM

Does this exist?

Recently moved to an apartment with a smaller, older stove. My previous stove used to beep when it was preheated. I have seen probe thermometers that will let you know when a meat has reached the right internal temperature, but is there anything that i can put in my stove to tell me when it is hot enough to pop the pie in?

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  1. Is the stove electric? If so, there should be a light that's on when it's heating up, that's only on when the elements are drawing current. At least all the electric stoves we've had have this. You can get a digital thermometer with a thermocouple on the end of a wire and leave the thermocouple in the oven, many of these will beep when a pre set temperature is reached.

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    1. an everyday oven thermometer sounds like what you need. you can place it on or hang it from the racks near the oven window to see what the temp is. we had one in our old house since the oven had issues.

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        I recommended this unit on another thread. Commercial unit and only in the thirty dollar range.
        The Comark #HLA-1

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          Thanks! This unit will be perfect for my vintage gas range. I was wondering about how I would know the temp is right..