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Nov 10, 2010 09:14 AM

25 Forty Bistro?

Any experiences at this place? I read one person's experience (great meal) in the New Restaurants thread, was wondering if there were any other. Yes it's the groupon deal so I wanted to see if it was any good. Yelp had good ratings but we all know how that is sometimes misleading ...

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  1. Give it a try. I have been once with a group of four but since the menu is small, we were able to try a good deal of the items offered. Two out of our group have been at least four times in the past month. Its good enough that I consider it a special occasion place but with a great price point. Our party had gnocci, seared ahi, and pork chops. The ahi was overcooked; the other entrees were excellent. Do not skip dessert. Have the crepes, and if offered, the caramel panna cotta. Service is understated and professional, and witty if you care to engage the server. The space is charming: black and white minimalist but comfortable. The wine list illustrated on a world map drawn on a wall-sized chalkboard. Check the hours before you go, the schedule is a little quirky.

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      Thanks! Looks like we'll be giving it a try

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        I hope you like it. Please report back!