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Nov 10, 2010 08:59 AM

Anyone tried this cornbread stuffing recipe?

I am intrigued by this recipe from the NY Times for cornbread stuffing from last year. Especially happy because (1) it doesn't have sausage/bacon (one family member says no to pork) and (2) doesnt have chicken stock (another family member is a vegetarian, but somewhat flexible). But stuffing is really important to me for thanksgiving and I wonder whether the recipe is too low-fat. Thoughts from cornbread stuffing afficionados? If this recipe is not the one, is there another one you recommend that is pork-free even if it has chicken/turkey broth?

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  1. Interesting. I've always made meatless stuffings, including cornbread, so that part doesn't seem odd. What strikes me is the yogurt, and the lack of aromatics!

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      Well, it has sage, parsley and thyme. Wouldn't those be aromatics?

      I have made a very similar stuffing several times and have occasionally added oysters but only if there will also be another type of stuffing served because a lot of people don't care for oysters.

      1. re: Sam D.

        I meant onion and celery, which are a mainstay for me, no matter what kind of stuffing I'm making.

        1. re: katecm

          Kate, you must have been looking just at the cornbread recipe, which doesn't call for anything you wouldn't normally find in cornbread. Scroll down farther for the stuffing recipe - it has herbs, onions, celery, etc.

          1. re: biondanonima

            This is the basic recipe I always use except I use veggie stock ( I like it better than chicken stock and always have a ton in the freezer) instead of milk in the stuffing. I don't like meat in stuffing. I often substitute celeriac for the celery, just cause I like it better.

    2. Another intersteresting stuffing. I like the description of texture and all. Thats helpful, knowing what to expect.

      Man, I must have two dozen different ones, all have been tried too by the way. We make two or three at Tgive, and serve them throughtout the year.

      Ive always found stuffing to be very individualized. People grow up with Mama's stuffing and nothing else is ever good enough. That too bad, because there are so many different variations that are so very good.

      1. Just a thought.

        What if you took your normal cornbread stuffing with sausage and all that and modified it. Swap veg stock for chicken and maybe pecans for the meat??

        You could always do a dry run to see how it works.