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Nov 10, 2010 08:40 AM

What Subways are left nationally that are Kosher still?

Queens? Cleveland? Baltimore? any others? Is the one in Brooklyn, New York closed? I know the one in Livingston, New Jersey closed.

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  1. the one in queens on jewel is still kosher

    1. the one in Cedarhurst L.I went treif 6 months ago

      1. Glatt Kosher SUBWAY
        8948 W. Pico Boulevard
        Los Angeles, CA 90035

        1. I ate at the Kansas City one in August and I assume it's still open.

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          1. re: nroffman

            I can see a Kosher Subway surviving in out of town places like KC where there's probably no better alternative

            1. re: berel

              Love the reference to out of town as anything being other then New York. Like New York is the only town in the world. Amazing world view!

              1. re: seikoloco

                well I only mentioned NY because I live there, LA. Toronto and a couple of other place wouldn't qualify as out of town. KC is definitely on my 'out of town" list

                1. re: seikoloco

                  Sadly it is the view of most of this board. I supposed Northern NJ is included too, but never Southern NJ or Philly.

            2. Baltimore is and has a FB page too!