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Nov 10, 2010 07:38 AM

pathetically mixed bag of questions

My beau and I will be spending 5 nights in Vegas beginning Dec. 5th. Vegas has never held much appeal for me (so not a gambler) but I am a foodie so was soothing myself with the thought of Joel Robuchon. Yeah, right. OK, I'd lower myself to "Alex". sigh. Then I began getting an idea of price in Vegas if you want to dine fine. So I'm asking (and Ellenost, I do like your opinions as I run through different posts) is it possible to have a truly wonderful meal for $150 each and if so, where? We will have a car. We both like French, Chinese, Sushi......most anything really, except not so much Greek. We are hoping for one night at a lovely spot, then would be great with dives with great food. I loathe buffets, but maybe they're different in Vegas? (Read in a Chow posting about coupons for $2 but I sure can't find that coupon code!)

We plan on seeing a Cirque de Soleil (the racy one, not my pick!) Other than that, not much seems to be going on when we are there show-wise. I do sound horribly whiney, don't I. I apologize for that. It will be fun when I get just disappointed in the prices. (I'd pay $250 for a 6 course at Joel's, but my guy says No Way)

Will appreciate any and all help and thank you in advance.

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  1. Have you checked out some of the dining deals, like the Taste of Wynn menus (on Wynn website) or the CUT pretheatre menu? There are some really good deals out there. We just returned from the Wynn and dined at Alex, which was amazing - we didn't do the Taste of Wynn this time, but we have in the past and it's a great deal at $89 a person. The wine will do your bill in though, so if you want to save money, skip the alcohol! MGM usually has a lot of dining deals as well -- just start poking around on the hotel websites and look through the different menus, most post the deals right online.

    To get the current code for 80% off is: GIVE

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      As a follow-up to your Alex inquiry, were the menus that same as the website? If not, how did they differ?

      1. re: Scott M

        The menus were different than the ones posted the week before we went, but I just peeked today, and Alex has the current menu online that we were offered. Everything was excellent . The standouts always seem to be in the amuse offerings and the appetizer course for me. This time, it was a duck pate (and I didn't think I liked pate), the cheese-filled pastry (smooth, almost liquid, and intensly-flavored cheese filling), a velvety custard topped with duck confit & chicken jus (heaven!), and the melt-in-your-mouth ricotta gnocchi & chicken oysters. Everything else was great, but I feel those first small, extremely focused bites are the best of the meal --- until you get to that warm basket of madelines of course! They also offered a special appetizer that wasn't on the menu of Taglliatelli pasta with truffles for a supplement of $45, but I passed on. It sounded wonderful though.

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          Great, thanks for the info. I see they have updated the online menus. I also appreciate the insight into the amuse and special appetizer.

    2. In no particular order...

      Although I like Zumanity (the racy one) the only really good view is from the center of the house. The audience seating is horseshoe shaped and the sides have terrible sight lines. I've see all the Cirque shows in Las Vegas and most of the older ones on Santa Monica. My favorite is BY FAR, Mystere.

      Sushi in Las Vegas is either unremarkable or WAY overpriced. If you enjoy the sushi where you live, pass on it while you're in Vegas.

      Fine dining in Las Vegas is obscenely priced. You can get really good and interesting food off the strip at reasonable prices. Todd's Unique in Henderson, Lotus of Siam, Raku. Check ou the Cut Of the Week at Charlie Palmer's in the Four Season's Hotel. Prix fixe dinners with bottomless wine for less than $50pp. Mon Ami Gabi in Paris does good, reasonable French. It ain't Joel Rubuchon, but you'll get out for $50-60pp.

      Mon Ami Gabi
      3655 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

      Lotus of Siam
      953 E Sahara Ave Ste A5, Las Vegas, NV 89104

      1. Raku. Fantastic food at very moderate prices, Sapporo on tap, nice atmosphere, away from the Strip... what can I say. It was the best damn meal I had in 2009. Go!

        1. Since you have a car, the world is really your oyster. For my expensive meal, if I were you, I'd seriously consider Bouchon. I have never had a bad meal there, and think it is a really terrific experience. The other restaurant that would make my short list would be Sage. I've eaten there several times and the food is outstanding, interesting and very contemporary (in a good way).
          You could also consider L'atelier Joel Rubochon, as a kind of compromise, but if I were going to only have one higher end meal on the strip, I'd do one of the other two.

          Off the strip, definitely give consideration to both Raku and Lotus; terrific food at reasonable prices. Sen of Japan is a very good sushi restaurant but is a pretty good drive from the strip. Origin India is a very good Indian restaurant over near the Hard Rock (albeit not inexpensive).
          There is also very good Vietnamese food in Chinatown, which is a stretch of Spring Mountain Road west of the Strip. There are numerous other inexpensive, and good restaurants in that stretch for Chinese, Malaysian, and other asian eats.

          3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

          Origin India
          4480 Paradise Road, Suite 1200, Las Vegas, NV 89169

          Sen of Japan
          8480 W Desert Inn Rd F1, Las Vegas, NV

          Hard Rock Cafe
          4475 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89169

          1. Thanks for so many ideas. In reply to questions, esp. the sushi....he is living in Montana. "nuff said. I am in central Ohio. feh. We are staying at the MGM clue as to what it is like, a friend of his got us a discount. Have realized it will be like schlepping from NYC to get to anywhere. Really appreciate the tip about Zumanity seating so have left him voicemail to hold on the tickets. I am trying to think of restaurants I've loved that might have an equal in Vegas area w/o the killer tab: Chicago': TRU, Pasteur, a Vietnamese gem; NYC: Shun Lee Palace and Union Square Cafe; of course, sigh, Lutece. Is Taste of Wynn something at Alex or....? Will look up the other spots so kindly recommended. If one ordered a la carte at Joel Robuchons....say appetizer, entree, dessert, one glass of wine....what kind of money are we talking? Meanwhile........back to my searches of everything mentioned by my new Vegas buddies!

            Lutece Restaurant
            3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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              Right next door to you at Luxor is Mandalay Bay, where you can dine quite finely for less than $150 p.p. or right around that. My wife and I have had two lovely experiences there within the last year and we are tough to please. And for that little something extra ask to be seated in the Swan Court area of the restaurant where it's much more quiet, serence and roomy, and where you have views of a pond with swans. Excellent service and well prepared Calif/Medit. cuisine.

              Aureole Swan Court
              4510 W Diablo Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89118

              1. re: mcgrath

                I would second the recommendation for Aureole.
                Aureole certificates are also available on
                Also note that Swan Court is an additional $10 or so.

              2. re: montanacsl

                Taste of Wynn is a selected discounted menu for each Wynn/Encore finer dining restaurant. You will usually have to eat before 7:00 PM and/or on selected days. The list of participating restaurants and menus are available at the Wynn website.

                1. re: montanacsl

                  Regarding Joel Robuchon, they have several prix fixe menus to choose from. The one closest to what you are looking for would probably be:

                  One Main Course
                  Moka - Thé

                  This is $115 per person. This includes an amazing bread cart.

                  So adding a glass of wine, tax and tip, you are probably some where in the $150 neighborhood. Well worth the splurge and I believe they will limo you over from another hotel on the strip.