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Nov 10, 2010 07:23 AM

Sparrow closes kitchen?

Hey, just got this message from Sparrow's FB page:

"Sunday the 14th of November will be the final service at the Sparrow for Chef Marc Cohen and the Sparrow restaurant team. We would like to thank everyone for their kind support and patronage and wish the Sparrow bar the best of luck on their continuing endeavors."

Does this mean no more brunches at Sparrow???

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  1. I heard from one of the co-owners (and co-owner of Magpie around the corner) that the sous-chef will take over the kitchen. He told me Marc and Ethan will be starting their own restaurant (same corner, Fairmount Laurier).

    1. A week ago last Friday, we were told that a new chef will be replacing him at the Sparrow. There was absolutely no mention of closing the kitchen or messing with a winning formula.

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        It’s my understanding from posts in other threads and their Facebook page that the bar and restaurant were actually two separate businesses operating under the same roof (the co-owner of Magpie is in fact a co-owner of just the bar at Sparrow), so with the departure of the owners of the restaurant end of the operation and their team, the new Sparrow restaurant would be more akin to a restaurant re-opening under new management than simply a restaurant replacing its chef. It will be interesting what the new Sparrow will be like, if it will try to emulate the "winning formula" the old team established or try to do something of its own!

      2. I just received that email too. I was so sad, but having read the thread below, I am relieved that they are not throwing in the towel and giving up on a winning recipe! Wonder what the new resto will be called? Glad I ate there last week!

        1. Wondering where the Sparrow restaurant team will go. The Tredici location (Fairmount & Jeanne Mance) has been papered up for weeks and the Tredici sign was taken down. Could this be where they are heading?

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            No. They're setting up shop in the former Mosaik, on the northeast corner of St-Laurent and Fairmount, just south of À l'os.