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Nov 10, 2010 07:19 AM

Ruan Thai Expands

Ruan Thai will shortly be doubling their dining room space. The caterer next door has moved and Ruan Thai is expanding into 1/2 of the caterer's old space. They expect to have the new space up and running in "about 2 months." The new space comes with at least two more parking spaces (hooray). The new parking spaces are available now. I was there last Friday and the food is as good as ever.

Ruan Thai Restaurant
11407 Amherst Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20902

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  1. what? are they closed for construction?

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    1. re: monpetitescargot

      Nope, they are open as usual, no construction in the new adjacent next door as yet. I would not expect them to close for the construction.

      1. re: rcooperman

        The new space is open and the place looks great! The old rugs are now a nice wood floor so it is a bit loud; I hope they will add some art & stuff on the walls to catch the sound but the stand around & wait should be much less now!

        I had dinner last Friday night and they may also need to add some staff too. They are getting use to the new digs and will have to see how it works out for them. Mind you, I love the staff to death, the take the best care of us and I think the food is by far better then any other Thai in DC.

        My points would be to get the watercress & ask for it w/ cornstarch (non-glut), it just seems better. Love the Yum Ped Yang (duck ap) is a must have for me; I just go nuts over how smokey it is. Also, Yum Sam Krob (squid is always so nice a crispy and has the nice little dried shrimp that make me have happy mouth.

        For main dish food, Mhoo Krob Kha Nha is my "go to"; it is this nice pork belly w/ chinese broccoli and a wonderfull sauce that is great on rice. Ped Pad Kha Prao is another chance to get the fine duck w/ hot chili and fresh basil leaves. My wife and girlfrends love to get the flounder or rockfish w/ Choo Chee.

        1. re: Smokeater55

          Great news! I'm totally with you on the duck appetizer! Haven't tried the other stuff you mentioned... sounds great!

          1. re: Smokeater55

            Ped Pad Kha Prao (stir fried boneless duck) is a great dish along with the watercress. The perfect meal.