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Nov 10, 2010 07:10 AM

Question about Iced Coffee

Why do some people who drink their coffee black, will at the same time take their iced coffee with sugar, cream (or milk), and all sorts of other fixins?

Be it Cafe Helado, Eiskaffee, the Ice Capp, or Ca phe sua da, it seems like every preparation of iced coffee is sweetened and mixed with some sort of dairy product (either cream, milk or condensed milk), as well as a good amount of sugar.

Does anyone take their iced coffee black?

Are there any coffee aficianados are that take their iced coffee black, but add cream and sugar to their hot brew?

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  1. Here is the problem: Most of the coffee that is used to prepare iced coffee is bitter. Unless you use a cold brew I find the average iced coffee sold at a cafe to be undrinkable. The dairy and sugar are used to hide bitterness and off notes. Plain and simple.

    I take my coffee with milk only, hot or cold. If you are adding sugar, something is wrong with the beans and the brew.

    Jules Kragen

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      I love how on chowhound you will occasionally get the random solo post from an industry expert. Thanks Jules, hope to see you back.

      I wonder if people who would normally drink black coffee just don't like to be reminded of that cup o' Joe that went cold. I remember once seeing a coworker take a big gulp of his morning cup of hot coffee and then spew it back into the cup because it had become ice cold. This was a long time ago before iced coffee became more popular. I’ll bet now he enjoys iced coffee!

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        I agree completely. Dunkin Donuts coffee is very bitter. Starbucks tastes burnt. The milk in both cases hides the bitterness. Now that being said, when I drink gorumet coffees I put barely any in my hot, but will add a little more to iced.

        Sugar is a no-no!

      2. It may be true, as the previous poster says, that some places make bitter iced coffee. However, I don't find even cold-brewed black iced coffee appealing. IMO, plain coffee tastes best when it is freshly made and hot. On its own, cold coffee tastes flat. It needs to be "dressed up" in some way. I don't drink any coffee black, but I put two to three times as much cream in iced coffee as I do in hot coffee.

        1. I cold brew my own ground beans for iced coffee and never add anything but coffee ice cubes to the glass. When I drink coffee hot, French press, I add salt and cinnamon only...on occasion a vanilla bean. No dairy or sugar thank you. Fresh beans, solid brewing method-you don't need to add anything unless you prefer to.

          1. Hot and iced always black.
            When I first started drinking iced coffee I liked it with milk and sugar...reminded me of coffee ice cream. Now I just buy coffee ice cream.

            Like a Ca phe sua da every now and then.

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              Ooh, like coffee milk. It was a big thing when I was growing up in NE. That's the only way I like ice coffee.

              Hot coffee w/ milk, not cream, no sugar.

            2. Where I live you can easily buy pre-made black iced coffee. And when you order a coffee even in Starbucks you get asked "hot or cold".

              However, I drink my coffee the same iced and hot - with cream and no sugar. I find coffee has to be very good for me to enjoy it black