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Nov 10, 2010 06:14 AM

Staying at Omni CNN for Meeting. Recommendations nearby for dinner?

It's my first time in Altanta. Would like to go to someplace with excellent food, but doesn't have to be too expensive. Is it possible to walk some where? I'm going to be alone so some place I will feel comfortable eating solo would be good. Thanks for you help!

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  1. Well, none are these are in the excellent category, but theres 3 pretty good ones near you--one is right downstairs, its Dantannas---they have very good food.Ruth Chris is nearby in the Embassy Suites--and the Sun Dial is at the Pachtree Plaza--its a spinning restaurant,and if you get there at dusk its pretty view for a first timer. BTW, there a basketball game tonigtt at Phillips starts at 7--it wont be sold out,and you can probably get tickets either from some of the sellers outside for good seats courtside,or walk up. Theyr playing the Bucks If you buy from the sllers otside, try for tickets in sectione 114 thru 116--face is $100, but the most Id pay is maybe 75--if you wait till afetr the 1st quarter,whic will be around 7:45, theyll sell for 50
    Walking around near the Arena late can be hazardous for your health,so go early if youur walking,and try to get back beofre 9

    1. If you're willing to take a short cab ride, I'd suggest French American Brasserie (FAB), Room at 12, or BLT Steak.

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      1. Was just in the same situation - went to Social Resto at 12 W Peachtree Pl. It was a fantastic wine bar with great cocktails, wine, and French-African food.
        Prices were reasonable as well.
        Highly recommended. It's about 5-10 minute walk.