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Nov 10, 2010 05:46 AM

XO Sauce

Does anyone in town sell XO Sauce for cheaper? As far as I know, only Asia Market has a brand (LKK), $11 for 2.8 oz. And it's a b**** to make it yourself.

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    1. Hong Kong Market had Amoy brand years ago $9 for 5oz(?). But I havent' seen any since, anywhere. $11 for under 3oz is pretty steep. I've never seen a jar that small. That last jar of LKK I saw was about $10 for 4.5oz. It's never been cheap.

      For some reason it's just not to be found in Austin. I suspect it's there for the asking at the front herbal/cosetic counters of Hong Kong and MT Super but I've never asked.

      On a related subject, has aybody seen Amoy or LKK oyster sauce with dried scallop?