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Nov 10, 2010 05:46 AM

Looking for Vietnamese Cinnamon in London

Anyone have any ideas? I love to cook and bake with it and I understand it has a higher oil content. Keep reading about it on US websites.

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  1. I can't say for certain but the large Vietnamese supermarket on Mare St (Star Night) may have it - they have pretty much everything else I have ever needed for Vietnamese cooking

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      Thanks. Never been there and don't go to that neck of the woods often at all. Anyone know of any other Vietnamese shops, south or south east London.

    2. i have vietnamese cassia, which i bought in america. seasoned pioneers have a couple of cassia products - i wonder if it's the same stuff? perhaps you could give them a call to check.

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      1. re: abby d

        I've seen Vietnamese cassia on sale in Edgeware Road's Lebanese shops. Other Middle Eastern or Indian grocery stores might carry it too. No Vietnamese cinnamon, though.

        1. re: tavegyl

          I'm no expert at all on Vietnamese variants of more common spices. Nevertheless I do know that cassia is the much more common variation of true cinnamon in China, and other Asian countries. Perhaps there is a "Vietnamese cinnamon" which is different, but I feel pretty confident in saying it is the same as Vietnamese cassia. I also feel fairly confident in saying it won't vary enormously from cassia grown in Burma, Thailand, China etc. So I wouldn't get too obsessed with it being Vietnamese.

          1. re: chief1284

            Wiki confirms your thoughts that Vietnamese cassia is the same as cinnamon.

      2. king arthur flour ships overseas

        i just got some for the pumpkin woopie pies, the cake part is great but skip the frosting...if you are going to use that reciepe

        i have heard it is cassias not cinnamon but i am not 100% sure, smells very good and makes a good product

        1. There's a big vietnamese supermarket in Deptford - on creek street I think, the main road running from surrey quays to greenwich.

          Like others, my understanding is that vietnamese cinnamon is simply cassia, though it may be of higher quality than that grown elsewhere in the same way as, say Madagascan vanilla. On an unrelated note, I highly recommend vietnamese sugar jars carved from cinnamon (or cassia, I suppose) wood.

          1. Deptford High St has about 4 significant Vietnamese grocery stores and the area around there is probably the densest population of Vietnamese in London aside from maybe South Morden.

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            1. re: JFores

              JFores, South Morden has never really been on my radar. Is it worth a visit? Any particular recommendations?

              1. re: deansa

                I don't know of any places there but I've never really looked. I've just seen a lot of Vietnamese people around the tube stop, in the area, etc.

              2. re: JFores

                Thanks. I have been there to try Panda Panda, which I recommend.