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Millesime, the new french seafood restaurant

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It looks likey they are finally open. Anyone been there?
I think the chef(Laurent Manlique) is 2 michelin star chef from San Francisco...(well, originally from South of France).
I'd love to hear about this restaurant.

92 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10016

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  1. I can't speak highly enough of this restaurant. Laurent Manrique is the real deal; his San Francisco restaurants (Fifth Floor, Aqua) speak for themselves. The seafood-centric menu is awesome....we had a business dinner for 6 people last week; everyone raved. The perfect execution of classics and innovative items is the main draw for me, superb service, and the physical space is beautiful. Chef Manrique knows seafood, and everything was PERFECT.

    see this blog post (not mine): http://www.eatbigapple.com/english/20...

    92 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10016

    1. My partner and I had dinner there last night. The restaurant was pretty empty but the bar was very busy. The decor is beautiful, a classic brasserie. Unfortunately, unlke a great brasserie, they did not have beer on tap, and only a small selection of bottled beers. The food was very well prepared. To start, we had the smoked herring, which was perfect, and the quenelles, which were quite good and in a very rich sauce. For mains, we had sea bass and snapper, both pan roasted, and chose the orange saffron and the ginger beurre blanc. The sauces were delicious, and the fish perfectly cooked. They do not come with vegetables, so we ordered spinach and mushrooms, which were both good portions and tasty. We did not feel hungry enough to try dessert. My only complaint is that the pacing was poor, and I am quite sure this was a kitchen problem, and not the fault of the very attentive servers. It took more than a half hour for the appetizers to arrive, but the main course was delivered the very second we finished the appetizers. I also found the loud music wafting up from the bar (they had a dj) a bit intrusive. Over all, we enjoyed our meal, not a "wow" but quite good, and worth a return visit.

      1. Millesime gets two stars from the New York Times.


        92 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10016

        1. I just reserved a table based on today's Sifton review. Hope it's wonderful!

          1. Went last night to check it out after the Sifton review in the times. Sat next to Salman Rushdie, which was sort of cool in a celeb hunting way.

            Food was great. Oysters were perfectly shucked, with tons of liquor left in the cups and zero shell pieces to speak of. I had the tuna tartare (prepared tableside), and wife had the hamachi tartare. Both of these were excellent, but not up to the taste or presentation of the modern's tuna and scallop tartare or gotham bar and grill's famous tuna tartare...but both were great. Edge possibly to the hamachi.

            For mains, she had the grilled snapper with the orange/ginger sauce, and I had the seabass with the herb menuiere. Both were perfectly cooked, and the sauces were great. Side of creamed spinach...yum!

            Dessert was profiteroles, which were not worth it....

            Cons: Place got LOUD after 8PM when the music downstairs started. Wine prices are too expensive for this place (e.g., avg wine price = 100+, avg entree price = 21).

            What a tasty meal though. I'll be back for sure!

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              What kind of music do they play downstairs? Pop/DJ music? Or ambient instrumental-type music? I can't picture dance music blaring at a French brasserie. I will soon be dining at Millesime based on these reviews though, that is for sure.

              92 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10016

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                There was a live band in the bar area the night we were there. As I mentioned in my post above, the music was of the thump, thump variety and, yes, it was blaringly LOUD. Ergo, no way to escape hearing it in the upstairs dining room. The style of music does change nightly, so maybe you'll get lucky and it'll be something quieter and more soothing, like low-key jazz.

                Photos of our dinner at Millesime can be viewed here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/11863391...