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Nov 10, 2010 03:42 AM

50% Verdad in Bryn Mar

Open Table Spotlight Deal of the Day is $50 certificate to Verdad for $25. A really good restaurant that is even better 50% off!

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  1. Potential buyers should be aware that if you read the find print, most of these 50% off opentable deals require a minimum party of two, and only one coupon can be used per couple. Therefore, only one person in the party gets 50% off- if dinner costs $50pp you will be getting $25 off a $100 dinner for two.

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    1. re: rocknroll52

      Exactly. So for a place I was planning to visit anyway, a 25% discount off a nice dinner out with my wife; sounds perfect. And after reading details, which were readily apparent and easy to understand, I bought 2 certificates! They expire in one year.

      1. re: EpicurBurbs

        not criticizing your choice - but its not really 50% off, like your title implies. also it is not valid on Saturdays.

    2. I love the title of your post: half truth in Bryn Mawr!

      1. I'm sorry... I've been to Verdad twice and it was god awfull both times... you couldn't give me a 95% off certificate to get me back in there. I'd rather pay full price at restaurant where I know I'll have a great meal.

        1. I'll stand up for Verdad. I went there w/a table for 7 two weeks ago, and everyone cleaned their plates (including each couple that split a ceviche/soup/app). I don't think I've ever actually seen seven completely cleaned plates outside of the Morimoto tasting menu, which is kind of a different beast entirely. When I used the open table coupon for Matyson, our total was $53, and I used the $50 gift cert, yielding a check of $3. So it doesn't appear that you have to spend $50 pp based on that experience.

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          1. re: tfalbo

            what did you order at Matyson to be able to dine for a total of $53 for 2 people? Not sure how you managed that with entrees mostly in the $25 and up range, no apps or dessert? or was that lunch.

            1. re: rocknroll52

              It was an early dinner before the Opera, and I have no appetite before 8:00pm, so the 5:30 reservation was a bit before my peak of eating capacity.
              That, combined with my girlfriend's tiny appetite, created a two-entree bill.

              Opening the folio at Matyson and seeing a charge of $3 was a rather unusual moment in time. And very welcome!