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Nov 10, 2010 03:12 AM

Where to go in the absence of Florent?

My friend and I used to meet every month for dinner, drinks, and leisurely talk at Florent on Gansevoort Street. It was friendly (they always welcomed us like old friends), cheap, and the food was good. We really miss Florent since it closed and want a new place we can make our regular spot. We don't need to be welcomed like old friends, but we need 1) cheap; 2) a place we can hang for a while without pressure to move on; 3) serves drinks; 4) has a couple of vegetarian options, or at least appetizers or salads that could be combined to resemble a meal.

For convenience, East or West village would be good. But the bottom line is we need an easy connection to the A/C line (in the East Village, we'd go via the F).

Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. Maybe French Roast? It's at 6th & 11th, and the menu is Florent-esque. Lucien at 1st and 1st is pricier and (slightly) farther from the train, but the vibe is somewhat similar to Florent's.