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Nov 9, 2010 08:20 PM

Hunterdon County CH - - Anyone tried Janina Bistro, Route 22, Lebanon?

I pass it frequently, have contemplated stopping in, but have not had occassion to eat there yet. Can't find any reviews on line. Has anyone tried this restaurant? Any good?

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  1. Forklaw, I myself have not been to Janina but I do know three individuals who have. Two were there for lunch (not together) and the third was there for dinner. All pronounced the place to be pretty good. I know this is not much help so I hope you go soon and post your comments.

    1. My husband and I have been to the liquor store next door and loved the smells we encountered one evening. It was closed for a private party so we promised ourselves we would return. Easter Sunday turned out to be the day and the weather cooperated enough that we could sit outdoors on the lovely patio. We were immediately told that we could purchase a bottle next door to enjoy with our meal. My husband had a fillet special that was cooked perfectly and the mashed potatoes could not have been fresher. I had the chicken tallegio that had a delicate lemon/cheese sauce. It is evident that quality, fresh ingredients are their priority. Service was outstanding also. The entrees were a little pricey but this was food I would make a drive to enjoy. There was also a decent selection of pizzas that would be fun to try on another nice spring day on the patio. I couldn't find any reviews either so I hope that this helps! While the restaurant was very slow at 1pm on Easter, we did notice that there were several tables that were repeat diners - always a good sign!