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Nov 9, 2010 05:37 PM


Does anyone know a good place to get some of these corn masa cakes?

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  1. Bety's in Encinitas has some good ones.
    I recently visited Hacienda de Vega for the first time and they have a Sope appetizer.
    Didn't try it but the what we did have was good although kind of pricey.
    I have had Sopes at Fidel with varying results.
    My last experience at Fidel's was horrendous and won't be returning ever.
    I have to say I really like Sopes though.

    1. I've had Sopes at Hacienda de Vega as appetizer but as my entree and they were quite good.
      Vanessa's Mex food in Escondido has Sopes and one of our fave Mex is Los Charros on E. Valley Pkwy has excellent food but don't recall Sopes but all my friends swear that the carne asada burrito is one of the best in town.

      1. This might sound like a strange option, but I had a wonderful sope at Alchemy last week. Much thicker than typical, but moist, flavorful masa and delicious shredded pork. I like the toppings on the sopes at El Comal, but find the cakes to be hit and miss with consistency.

        1. Haven't had them, but Ranas has 7 different sopes.