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What to do with Pistachio Paste?

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I was gifted a small jar of "crema pistacchi," 150g/5.29 oz. What would be the best use for it? I've never had it before, so I don't want to waste it.

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  1. Honestly, I think the best thing is to spoon it directly into your mouth. Those jars are expensive and I always feel that any recipe will just dilute the deliciousness!

    1. thumbprint cookies -- add some fresh cracked cardamom to the dough and use the pistachio to fill the dent.

      1. Makes the best pistachio ice cream! May sure to refrigerate it until you use it--it goes rancid quickly otherwise.

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          You could try this recipe:
          I'm still waiting for someone to give me a jar of pistachio paste!

        2. Toast some crostini, slather with pistachio paste and top with shards of parmesan or shaved manchego cheese and a light drizzle of orange blossom honey

          1. Oh my, one of my favorite spreads! Warm a slice of challah or sliced open croissant in the oven and spread the pistachio paste with a small dollop of Greek yogurt and enjoy!

            Topped on vanilla pudding, brings the ho hum to another level!

            1. Gosh, now I wish I had another jar so I could try all of these! Thanks everyone!

              1. just a heads-up that pistachio paste and pistachio cream are two different things. you have pistachio cream, which, IMO, is better enjoyed as a spread or condiment rather than a baking ingredient.

                in addition to the suggestions you've already received, it's fantastic on waffles or french toast!

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                  So Pistachio butter is the same thing as Crema Pistacchi – pistachio cream – like peanut butter?

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                    From David Lebovitz:

                    "Confusingly, Pistachio paste, sold like marzipan is also available from American Almond Products, (who also makes a killer almond paste, the best I’ve tasted.) I’ve not used this in ice cream so some experimenting may be required. This is perhaps similar to Italy’s Pasta al Pistacchio, which is used in baking cookies and cakes."


                    top left is pistachio cream aka crema di pistacchio, which they recommend as a spread or a pastry filling. middle second row is pasta di pistacchio aka pistachio paste. looks a bit like crunchy PB. They don't seem to say what to do with it, apart from eat it all day long!

                    DL also warns not to get confused with pistachio liqueur, also sometimes called crema di pistacchio...

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                      i love pistachios, and looking at that link made me hongree!

                      so i googled bronte pistachio to find something in english, and got this:

                      ""PISTACCHIO DI BRONTE

                      Sicily is the only place in Italy where pistachios are grown, and have become quite expensive due to their limited production. Pistachio cultivation in Sicily is laborious work. The trees only bear fruit every two years and are planted in areas that prevent the use of machines to harvest the fruit. The intense, full flavor and grassy aroma of Bronte pistachios comes from the mineral rich soil and the Sicilian sun and air. The pistachios have a high concentration of vitamins and protein."""

                      does anyone have a good source for good pistachios that don't cost an arm and a leg?

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                      - pistachio butter is ground pistachios and maybe some salt.
                      - pistachio paste is ground pistachios, sugar, and sometimes a little food coloring or flavoring.
                      - pistachio cream is ground pistachios, sugar and cream.

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                        hey ghg, did you see the recipe i posted for gluten-free pumpkin cheesecake muffins?

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                          i hadn't, but after seeing this i looked up the thread...those are crustless mini cheesecakes, not muffins!

                          did you make them? i'm not one for using sugar alcohols...but i do like the idea of the pepita "streusel" topping. i might have to steal that idea for my own recipe - of course without the erythritol :)

                          thanks for the heads-up!

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                            not yet -- buy i'll use sugar and not erythritol or stevia.

                  2. i just bought a jar of the paste at eataly in nyc. i like the honey and cheese combo; thanks cheryl!

                    1. I make madeleines with almond paste and orange that are delicious. You have me wondering about trying the same recipe with pistachio paste and rose water. hmmmm.....mmmmm? could be!

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                        i was just thinking about making an amaretti type thing with the pistachio paste, too. http://allrecipes.com//Recipe/amarett...
                        i wonder if anyone makes pistachio extract.

                        martha stewart, by the way, has one fantabulous recipe for almond macaroons with a hint of orange. they are crazy-delicious. http://www.marthastewart.com/recipe/o...

                      2. I'm trying to think of how to incorporate it into baklava......maybe as one of the layers, with the rest being ground pistachios?

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                          ooh, great idea...in theory. given the sugar and cream content of this particular product, i'm not sure how it would behave & impact the dessert in terms of consistency and sweetness, but it's certainly worth maybe even just mixing some *with* the ground pistachios before layering them in.

                          oh how i miss phyllo.

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                            where are you that you can't get phyllo?

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                              not that i can't *get* it...i can't EAT it because of the gluten!

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                            haha! Best suggestion yet. I was fully sold on making gelato with it, until I opened up the jar last night and sampled it. I could cry it's so good! I bought some bakery bread this morning (to keep myself from eating the whole jar straight), so I can pretend I'm eating real food when I consume the entire jar within the next 24 hours...

                          2. I just posted my favorite recipe ever for pistachio paste - you make mini-loaves (or mini-muffins) and top with pineapples in spiced syrup! http://wanderlustandlipstick.com/blog...