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Nov 9, 2010 04:53 PM

What to do with Pistachio Paste?

I was gifted a small jar of "crema pistacchi," 150g/5.29 oz. What would be the best use for it? I've never had it before, so I don't want to waste it.

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  1. Honestly, I think the best thing is to spoon it directly into your mouth. Those jars are expensive and I always feel that any recipe will just dilute the deliciousness!

    1. thumbprint cookies -- add some fresh cracked cardamom to the dough and use the pistachio to fill the dent.

      1. Makes the best pistachio ice cream! May sure to refrigerate it until you use it--it goes rancid quickly otherwise.

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          You could try this recipe:

          I'm still waiting for someone to give me a jar of pistachio paste!

        2. Toast some crostini, slather with pistachio paste and top with shards of parmesan or shaved manchego cheese and a light drizzle of orange blossom honey

          1. Oh my, one of my favorite spreads! Warm a slice of challah or sliced open croissant in the oven and spread the pistachio paste with a small dollop of Greek yogurt and enjoy!

            Topped on vanilla pudding, brings the ho hum to another level!