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Nov 9, 2010 04:21 PM

where can i find cream puffs in orange county?

i need to buy some cream puffs tomorrow morning for a special occasion. normally, i get them from pâtisserie chantilly (the bday girl's favorite), but they are closed today (tuesday) and i need to be in the oc early. i was thinking maybe 85°c bakery might have some?

any other ideas?

(i'm coming from the south bay, so if there's any place around here that opens before 9:00, please suggest away!)


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  1. why not go to beard papa? i love their cream puffs!

    assal pastry in irvine is supposed to have good cream puffs as well, but i cannot vouch for those.

    1. The bakery at Mitsuwa in Costa Mesa probably has some....