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Nov 9, 2010 02:08 PM

fine dining in Rochester?

Help? In Rochester for a seminar, in need of some food-based TLC. Any suggestions?

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  1. Edit: Ooops...are we talking Rochester, MI or Rochester MN ?
    Cool. Welcome. Rochester (MI) is nice. Will you only be going out at dinner time? (Give Thanks bakery is good, but has limited hrs.) How "fine" of dining are you seeking (expense account style?)? The Rochester Chop House (Rochester Rd) is a decent bet. Mitchell's (Adams Rd) has decent seafood. Are you willing to drive outside the city limits? Are you up for a Middle Eastern meal? Mind Body Spirits (Rochester Rd) is a decent organic dining / cool drinking place, but their signature "locally grown produce" no longer is available because the season has passed.