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Looking for Agar (or is it Agar Agar?) in a store...

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Anyone know where Agar (for consumption) is sold in Dallas? I know I can order it online, but I don't want to wait for it...


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  1. Any Wholefoods or Central Market will have it. Bought some at WF just the other day.

    1. Same as any ethnic grocery (Super H Mart, Asia World, 99 Ranch etc). I've used it for gulaman and sago, a Filipino drink. mmm...

      1. it is agar agar....they have the seaweed version or the powder version at most Asian themed supermarkets.

        I was using as a vegetarian stabilizer for a recipe I was working on for the Hatch Chile festival at Central Market. I didn't enter but I came up with a good recipe!

        1. It is agar agar, also known as kanten. It comes in sheet or powdered form, and at least the sheet form is usually available in white or red. As others have said, any 'Asian market should have it in stock.

          1. Many of the health food stores (not GNC) will carry it. It's used a lot in (mostly) Macro cooking for fruit desserts.

            1. Sometimes it comes in translucent square tubes. Not so useful for sprinkling in some powder but great for making yokan type desserts (made mango recently). I got mine at either H Mart or Minoya.

              1. Thanks everyone! Need the powder kind, so I'll check the stores out. Trying to give this Alinea recipe a try where I need to make cider gel.

                1. Did see agar agar at Ranch 99 last week. I just happen to have a large stash of alginate from elBulli. Spheres!

                  Sorry for the bad pic, new Blackberry bites.