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Nov 9, 2010 12:57 PM

Decent pizza delivery in Dupont/Logan Circle?

Hi there -- I'm from New Haven and just moved to Dupont/Logan Circle in DC. Is there anywhere, anywhere at all that has decent pizza to deliver to me? I'm just out of the range of Pete's.

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  1. I live near Pizzeria Paradisio so in the rare change that I'm ordering pizza, I usually just pick up an order from there.

    For actual delivery my boyfriend use to really like Alberto's when he lived in Dupont Circle.

    1. Not blow-your-mind awesome pizza, but pretty tasty with some good toppings is Angelico's, and they have several locations that deliver. Mt. Pleasant or U St. will probably get to you.

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      1. I've always been happy w/Alberto's, at 20th and P Streets. Consistently high quality, and an interesting range of toppings.

        1. in case it matters, we've had Pete's delivery and it wasn't that good. I think it is better fresh. It was VERY expensive, too.

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            I actually disagree with this -- Pete's is good even for delivery. Although you are right that it is quite expensive (for pizza).

            1. re: JohnSmith2

              We got Pete's delivery a couple of days ago. Very good delivery pizza, but not as good as if you got it in the restaurant. It cost $31, including their delivery charge. Outrageous. It's too much pizza for two people. Best for 3 really hungry people or 4 people with normal appetites.

              1. re: JohnSmith2

                It didn't taste as fresh as a $30 pizza should. It very much loses something on the drive.

            2. When I lived in Logan, we ordered from Italian Pizza Kitchen on U St for every day pizza (you know, nothing special, basically Dominos if it wasn't disgusting and unedible) and the Steam Cafe at 1700 17th St for pricier but near-perfect thin, crispy/chewy pizza.

              I don't really like Alberto's. It's not Chicago-style - it's a biscuit topped with sauce and cheese (in that order, no less) - and it's slow. Never had Angelico's.

              There's a new place on H St NW - Zpizza - that we're loving so far, but I'm not sure if they deliver to you. It's a pretty standard hand-tossed kind of pizza also - good topping selection, good crust.

              I *just barely* cannot get Pete's either. Alas. But I can pick up Matchbox pizza on my way home, which nearly balances it out.

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              1. re: Raids

                Thanks very much. I will try Steam Cafe. ZPizza is unfortunately too far for delivery but I will try it sometime too.

                1. re: Raids

                  I was actually pretty disappointed by ZPizza. I give credit to any DC pizza place that sells slices without trying to force that "jumbo slice" nonsense on you, but even by DC standards I felt that the slices weren't that great. They weren't awful, but I didn't think it was worth the four blocks I had to walk to get there, either.

                  I was also annoyed that they only sell five kinds of pizza by the slice and were out of two of them when I was there, during the early part of lunch hour. I can understand them running out of slices at 10:00 PM, but during the early part of lunch hour they should be cranking those things out to ensure that they don't run out.

                  1. re: Garlic Guy

                    Totally agree. It's OK Pizza for this area, but there is a lackadasical attitude in the way all there places seem to be run. I wonder sometimes if people down here just don't understand the concept of hustle. Walk into a northern pizzeria and they are moving their butts, especially at lunchtime.

                    1. re: Garlic Guy

                      I have only had delivery of whole pies - haven't been to the actual location for a slice. I don't think I'd expect it to be We the Pizza or anything like that, but I can't see how it couldn't be better that Pizza Autentica (nasty, nasty pizza). I just go to Bistro Med for a slice since it's closer, but it's also in no way comparable to a serious pizzeria.