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Nov 9, 2010 12:29 PM

Real scotch bonnet peppers?

Where can I find them? The real deal, not habaneros (similar) which I have found without any problem. I won't be going to JTM and before I go to the Caribbean stores on Victoria, I was wondering if anyone has spotted them in a super market/fruiterie in Laval or VSL/West Island.


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  1. I might be getting my stores mixed up, but I thought I saw them at the Adonis in St. Laurent; I would assume that means they would be in Pierrefonds too. Next time I'm at either I'll try and confirm for you.

    FYI, there are many Indian markets/stores in Pierrefonds with all kinds of peppers - north on Sources. Maybe Akhavan on Pierrefonds Blvd too.

      1. If all fails on the Lakeshore you can be sure to buy them at Shavit's on Victoria.

        1. I've seen them at PA Supermarche on Fort quite frequently. In fact, I was always a little upset that they only stocked scotch bonnets and not habaneros.

          There's also two other PA locations, so one might be closer to you.

          1. There is a grocery store beside the SAQ on Avenue du Parc near the intersection Bernard.