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Nov 9, 2010 12:24 PM

Cheese croissants

Are there any good cheese croissants around town, either from bakeries or specialty stores? I've only had the ones from Adonis but they are not as cheesey as I would have hoped for. De Gascogne does not carry any. I've heard Croissanterie Figaro has them. Are they good? BTW how are the croissants there? Everytime I have been, it has been late in the day and their croissants look tired.
For the time being, I make my own, but I was just wondering what's available out there?

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  1. Mamie Clafoutis makes a pretty killer cheddar one shaped like a chocolatine, and I believe Paltoquet and L'Éscurier do as well. All 3 of these places are clustered within a block or so of Outremont metro station on Van Horne; Mamie Clafoutis also has a second store on St. Denis (though not sure of the cross street).

    I seem to also recall that Pâtisserie de la Gare on Westminster in Montreal-Ouest had some pretty good ones, but I haven't been there in years so YMMV.

    Sadly I think most French bakeries do the bulk of their baking overnight or early in the morning, it's often difficult to find fresh stuff later in the day. You might have better luck at some of the larger chains like Première Moisson or Au Pain Doré, though the quality won't be as good.

    1. It's not something I usually take at a bakery so I haven't tried many, but the one at De Froment et de Sève is pretty good and is everything I want when I need a cheese croissant.

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        i agree hard to find enough cheese in croissants, but i had a delicious almond one so flaky and light at premiere moissan on laurier today. As for for cheese pastry i often go to palmyra (on beaumont just down from parc)
        for their cheese triangles, half moons or cheese and spinach lebanese pastries because atleast I can taste the cheese.. The kitchen is right behind so you know you are getting fresh items.