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Nov 9, 2010 10:51 AM

La Potosina (a review from a friend of mine, but sounds like a CH moment)

I ate at a new taqueria today located at the NE corner of Braker and Lamar: La Potosina. Not very organized and very limited seating, but the food was pretty good. I ate a bean/chicken gordita ($3.99) and an al pastor taco ($1.50). Tortillas are not homemade, but the two kinds of non-chunky salsa are both very good -- spicy but balanced. Market includes a modest variety of produce, meats, beverages, and snacks. Once I received my order, there was nowhere for me to sit. A cashier got a chair for me, and then four guys called me over to join their table. They're brothers that do remodelling and cabinet work, and one of them built the cabinets for La Potosina. Nice of them to chat me up. Was a good lunch.

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  1. Damn, was hoping to keep this one quiet for awhile longer ;). The woman in back makes some fine tacos. I'm fond of the barbacoa. She loads them up fairly well. "I like people to taste something besides a mouthful of tortilla," she told me. I also like to get a chile relleno from the little stack. Nice & friendly people running this place. Free coffee in the AM.

    1. My wife and I hit this place for breakfast tacos on Saturday. She got a sausage & egg and a bacon & egg; I had a cactus (noplaitos) & egg and a potato & egg. All very tasty, with the ingredients well-integrated with the egg. The counter condiments are red and green creamy salsas, mayonesa style, like Tacodeli's Salsa Doña. On the way out, we got some marranitos and a single-serving loaf of pecan-topped banana bread from the pastry case. Glad to have this place close to home!

      12001 N Mo Pac Expy, Austin, TX 78758

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        I tried the breakfast tacos here on Tuesday morning. The lady behind the counter was very nice and funny. I was really hoping ot like this place as I pass by it on my way to work. BUT

        They were 2 for a $1 and were not worth that even. They were the tiniest tacos ever. I got a potato and egg, bacon and egg and chorizo and egg. The chorizo and egg taco was a neon red/pink color that was so bizarre I didn't even try a bite of it. I love chorizo and this was a color I have never seen before! These tacos were premade and I was not offered anything else. I am really hoping it is just the premade 2 for a $1 tacos that are so tiny. I'm talking three inches long and the diameter of a quarter.

        That said, their creamy green sauce is awesome. The insides of the potato and bacon tacos were fine for what I could taste. I am going to go back and try the migas and will report again. I wanted to warn against the premade tacos.

        1. re: missmitzi

          The 2 breakfast tacos for a dollar must have been a grand opening deal, and I agree that they didn't have much filling. They're $1 each now, but they're not tiny anymore!

          There are better breakfast taco deals in north Austin (, but I really like both of their salsas. As missmitzi said, the green one is awesome! It's like the creamy green sauce (Ají de Huacatay?) at El Pollo Rico.
          Also, the red salsa is actually quite complex and tasty. It's similar to the red-orange salsa de cacahuate (peanut) with either chile arbol and/or guajillo at Taco More (

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            I'll give them another try since it is on my way to work, the ladies were very nice and the salsa rocks. Thanks for the update.

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              I don't think our El Pollo Rico is the same on on the East Coast that does Peruvian, right? It seems just like El Regio, roast chicken done 'estilo Monterrey' to me. I don't know the name of that sauce, mayonesa verde or just salsa verde, but I also don't think it is Peruvian Ají de huacatay (which I have never had, only heard about on CH). Does anyone know the name of that style of green sauce in Spanish??? I just ask for "la verde." Anyway, it is the best sauce in the universe for me.

              I stopped in La Potosina today. Very interesting Texaco, tienda de abarrotes, mini-mart, taquería and baked goods combo. I just got some groceries, didn't try the cafeteria. The owner came up to me and told me to go buy halal meat from the shop coming up soon on the corner of the strip. I asked the cashier and she told me the owner of the strip and the shops is Arab. Definitely a confluence of cultures up at La Potosina.