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Nov 9, 2010 10:36 AM

Baltimore in December.....

Ok So I'm coming in with a group of about 15 for a bachalor party in December and we're looking for somewhere to eat on Saturday during the day(budget friendly) and Saturday evening(more pricey than lunch but not break the bank, as it is a bachalor party). We'd prefer somewhere with good food and Great libations that isn't your run of the mill crappy ESPN Zone.... etc. If for some reason these places actually exist in Baltimore, I'd love to hear about them. We're staying near Camden Yards but not afraid of a hike or taking a cab. Appreciate all the help.

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  1. It appears that ESPN Zone is out of business--so it wasn't on your list in any event.

    Head over to Fells Point. Lots of options, higher ended dining, grub pubs, music, shops, etc. Mezze has tapas type style of cuisine. Kali's Court, expensive and elegant. Black Olive is nice--not my preference, but many Chowhounders recommend the venue.

    I haven't as yet been, but Tapas Adela seems to be intriquing. You have many options in that particular area.

    You may consider Harbor East, but there are mostly chain restaurants, i.e, Occeannaire, Roy's, Fleming's , etc. Charleston would be highly recommended but would definitely "break the bank." Cinghiale is an option, not my favorite, but others have raved about the cuisine.

    Don't let anyone influence you where Pazo is concerned. Yeah, it's a "hip" kind of place, but the food is way under par.

    You guys would probably really appreciate Brewer's Pub, which is a mile or so hike up the road (Charles Street heading north) from where you are staying. I highly recommend that this be the place for your evening event. But, book now. I believe they have a private party=type area.

    Or head on down to South Baltimore. Lots of options, but I can't make any recommendations as I haven't been in that particular area in quite some time.

    So, congratulations to the Groom. Have some fun in Bawlmore. FoiGras

    1606 Thames St., Baltimore, MD 21231

    Kali's Court
    1606 Thames Street, Baltimore, MD 22231

    822 Lancaster Street, Baltimore, MD 21202

    Black Olive
    814 S. Bond Street, Baltimore, MD 21231

    Pazo Restaurant
    1425 Aliceanna St, Baltimore, MD 21201

    1. Saturday during the day head for Lexington market, wander around get your chow and head upstairs and chow down. Faidley's crabcakes, Pollock Johhny's, Parks chicken etc etc..
      Saturday nite head to Ryleigh's Oyster Bar near in the Cross Street market area. Great selection of oysters, outstanding adult beverages etc..with a nice vibe .

      Ryleigh's Oyster Bar
      36 E. Cross Street, Baltimore, MD 21230

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        Second Lexington Market for lunch. Go with Hue's suggestion, and add Berger cookies for dessert. Check this board for threads on this market.

        FoiGras is talking about Brewers Art and not "Brewers Pub." You should also search this board for reviews.

        You might want to consider a place like Henninger's for dinner. It's in the Fells Point area, so if the cocktails aren't to your liking, there's plenty of places you can stumble to to find something you'd like.

        Lexington Market
        400 W Lexington St, Baltimore, MD 21201

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. "We'd prefer somewhere with good food and Great libations that isn't your run of the mill crappy ESPN Zone.... etc. If for some reason these places actually exist in Baltimore,"

          Not sure exactly what that means... maybe you would feel more comfortable if you moved the party to DC.

          Ryleigh's is a good suggestion. I suggested it to some friends of mine for a casual bachelor party dinner and they said it was perfect. There are a number of semi-private areas where they could push a few tables together and you'll have your own space. I would call to let them know you're coming.

          Lexington Market is nothing special to begin with and definitely not a place I would want to go for my bachelor party or suggest to anyone else. It's the default suggestion by a few posters for every out of town visitor no matter what the criteria. Not bachelor party appropriate IMO. Cross St. Market is a better choice, primarily because of Nick's where you can hang out, get some seafood, drink and watch football. For the non-seafood fans, the market also has vendors wings, pretzel dogs, fried chicken, sandwiches, etc.

          1. For dinner:

            Brewers Art is a good option: it's been picked as a top bar by Esquire, has great house-brewed beer (Resurrection Ale is their gem) and would be a good choice. I dig their rosemary fries.

            The suggestion to look at Fells Point is a good one. You can search that topic on the board. Basically, it's a gentrified neighborhood on the harbor known for nightlife and a quick cab ride form Camden Yard/Inner Harbor. That way you can have dinner and then stroll bars. Henninger's is a popular and worthy suggestion you'll see often on this board, as is Peter's. Both are small and popular, so based on the size of your table, that's a consideration. My go-to for good beer and pub grub is the Red Star.

            In Fells Point, for midprice small plates, there's Mezze and Adela.

            1606 Thames St., Baltimore, MD 21231

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              Sounds like some Great options out there. I'm going to map it all out on paper and see what best fits the group. Thank you to everyone for your input. I will report back around christmas, but keep other suggestions coming...... Chowtimore and Chefdilettante have captured the essence of what I'm looking for precisely.

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                A friend of mine suggested Slainte's and Max's..... any thoughts? Know anywhere sunday morning that opens early that has a chep but good Bloody Mary Bar or bottomless Bloody Mary?