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Nov 9, 2010 09:31 AM

halfway to london?

hello, in need of assistance in locating a good restaurant, suitable to families, halfway between t.o. and london, say around the kitchen, waterloo, guelph corridor. Something not too far from the highway, so ruling out downtown Guelph, for example. Any and all suggestions would be most appreciated.

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  1. When we go the 403 route, we stop off in Paris Ontario at Camp 31:

    The bbq is good and they make a mean fried chicken too (you can order it as one of your options on the combo plate). Cornbread, pulled pork, ribs and fried chicken. Heaven on a plate and hell on the arteries ;-)

    1. Try Sunset Villa, in Puslinch. It's south of the 401, just off Highway 6. Scandinavian food, plenty of hearty meat'n'potatoes, family-friendly. We love it.