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Nov 9, 2010 08:53 AM

Vegetarian in HK

I am a vegetarian and looking for the best recs in HK. I have checked out Happy Cow, but any insider tips?

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  1. happycow is a good resource - but what are your personal preferences? Indian Veg (mostly South Indian) or Chinese (cantonese/buddhist)? Where are you will to travel to? HK / Kowloon / New Territories? There are a lot of restaurants and goodies all over the place. A little bit more info can help others provide you some good info.

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      No Indian...I eat it all the time. I am staying in North Point but will be traveling around the areas and focusing the evening towards Kowloon and Tsim Tsa Shui. Chinese style food or Pan asian would be recommended. But 1 Indian place here or there also helps as I am traveling with my parents who probably need to get their Indian comfort fix

      A good value dim sum suggestion would be much appreciated!


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        Okay - good to know. First thing - I will throw out a weblink you can check out.

        Then I can provide some of the places I have tried and liked in HK.

        Paramita, Three Virtues (good for dimsum), Soland (private kitchen), Buddha Hut (these are mainly chinese, Paramita tried to do other types of cuisine with vege ingredients) - then for Indian, I would suggest Branto and maybe Woodlands (can be off sometimes imo). I suggest you research and check if these restaurants are still around - things move fast in HK - and in 1 month restaurants can come and go.

        Also, this being Hong Kong a lot of regular restaurant that serve meat will cater to vegetarians (though not sure how observant you are of the cooking methods and utensils and the intermingling of oils being used to cook meat and vegetarian in the kitchen) - say you went to Arirang (korean) and asked for a vegetarian bi-bim-bap - they would most likely accomodate your request or a vegetarian soon dubu casserole. Most cuisines, and restaurants are very helpful with vegetarian diners requests.

        Another cool thing is going to the Po Lin monastery on Lantau Island (where they HUGE buddha is) by the airport and eating the buddhist vegetarian food at the canteen over there - again, I did this years ago - hopefully they still cater.

        Good Luck!

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          forgot to mention - I like Kung Tak Lam as well.

      2. For Chinese Vegetarian, I would give ' monestaries' a try! Po Lin on Lantau is one and used to be good. Unsure whether they have turned too 'commercialized' nowadays? I once had a great ' banquet style' meal at the monestary in Castle Peak next to the Hospital/asylum.

        1. Lock Cha tea house apparently does great vegetarian dim sum (search on World Foodie Guide Helen's blog). I was so sad that it was closed when I visited.

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            I like M Garden, in Mongkok. They do vegetarian versions of most cantonese dishes, e.g. vegetarian suckling pig, abalone, sharks fin soup, etc. I'm normally not into fake meats, but this place is good.

            Branto, in TST, is great for veg indian, especially south indian.

            Chi Lin nunnery and gardens in Diamond Hill has a vegetarian restaurant, and it's also really beautiful, definitely worth a visit.

            I recently visited Life Cafe, next to the escalators, and did not care for it at all.