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Nov 9, 2010 08:43 AM

Green Chili Kitchen's Habanero Salsa

Is anyone else out there a tremendous fan of Green Chili Kitchen's habanero salsa? They don't really advertise it widely, and I don't even think it's on their menu, but it's one of my favorites of all time. It's almost more like a thick hot sauce, than a salsa. I think they use carrots as the base, but I'm not sure. I'm trying to figure out how to make my own since I've recently left SF and am sorely missing this spicy sauce.

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  1. I haven't been to Green Chili Kitchen but is it something like Marie Sharp's?
    I've tried immitators, or blending the stated ingredients in Marie Sharps, but haven 't come up with anything as good yet. Often chili peppers need to be aged (slightly fermented) for these hot sauce types of salsas. I guess i have successfully made Hunan chilis a la Fuschia Dunlop.
    so why not with other chilis?

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      Never had Marie Sharp's, but I'll have to get a bottle to find out. Thanks!

    2. Hi brian, I'd wondered where you'd gone. I've not had Green Chili's sauce but I love the two habanero sauces made by Chef Mateo Granados in Healdsburg from produce grown by Santa Rosa's Tierra Vegetables. They're sold by Tierra and also Whole Foods. The bottles are on the table as a condiment for his Farmers market breakfasts. This weekend I paid attention to the ingredients listed. The orange one is made of ripe habaneros, carrots, onions, Preston olive oil, and white vinegar. Here's an old photo (current batches have a label change).

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        Hi Melanie,
        Ya, I'm down in LA now fighting the good foodie fight. It's a completely different ballgame down here, but I'm acclimating... Oh, how I miss Tierra. Lee was my favorite farmer at the Ferry Plaza farmers market. I used to spend way too much money on her hot sauces and pepper powders. I'm quite famliar with her habanero hot sauce. Haven't had any in a while as it was already sold out that last few times I visited the market.