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Nov 9, 2010 08:05 AM

Sliced side pork

I have just over a pound of sliced side pork. From what I understand, side pork is the same cut as bacon, but not cured/smoked. I tried frying up a couple pieces like bacon, and they don't taste very good at all.

What can I do with this stuff? Braise it maybe?

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  1. Yeah, the couple of times I've run into side pork, I tried treating it like bacon, too. :(

    I think I ended up using it, a bit at a time, as seasoning in soups or something. (It was a long time ago. . . )

    1. Search for "Korean Pork Belly" recipes, and you will find some lovely recipes to try. Sorry, I can't point to a specific one.

      1. Get some NOH brand char siu chinese bbq sauce mix and marinate for 24 hrs, bake, broil or grill. Use as appetizer/side with an asian meal.

          1. Side pork is the cut adjacent to the belly but further up the sides of the animal, hence "side pork" or "side meat". The main difference between the two is side pork has more meat than fat and belly has more fat than meat. Slow braising is the way to go with either and you can use side pork in just about any pork belly recipe. If you leave the skin on you might want to score it with a knife and thoroughly brown that side in a skillet before braising.

            Neither is a substitute for bacon. Bacon is a cured product and can be made from belly (this is what is generically called bacon), loin (Canadian bacon), shoulder (buckboard bacon), and maybe some other cuts I never heard about. Raw side meat is worthless as a seasoning, but it will add some collagen to a stew.

            Wait a minute! You said sliced. How thin? If the side meat was cut up like sliced bacon, I have no idea what you could do with it.

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              Hi.. I buy sliced side pork all the time..i fry it like you would fry bacon . i place in frying pan and put salt and pepper on it and fry until crispy ..then i place a couple pieces in a piece of bread and fold over to make a sandwich..the lard in the frying pan i use to fry eggs in it..I think side pork is better then bacon if you fry it very crispy...

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                I know I'm writing to you a bit after your post, I didn't know anything about side pork, so I Googled it and found your post. Just want to give you a heads up. My mother would get up and make my dad breakfast the same way that you use the lard to make your eggs. My dad pasted away at the young age of 58 because his arteries hardened from so much grease that he ate every morning.

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                    Were the doctors able to verify that it was the side pork that killed him?

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                      Were the doctors able to verify that it was the side pork that killed him?