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Nov 9, 2010 06:36 AM

Lost and Faded Booze Brands of an Innocent Past... Hereford Cows Anyone?

A recent thread about Crown Royal reminded me of booze brands that are no longer cool. Heck some of them don't exist at all any more.

Does anyone remember the atrocious Hereford Cows sweet dairy liquor that came in vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate? From a Time Magazine archive article in 1976:

How about some Champale?

Please feel free to chime in with other time capsule booze brands.

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  1. Champale! In 1979 I bought a bottle for each of 2 shivering homeless gentlemen in New Haven around the holidays, and really made their morning.
    I know the Marie Brizzard brand is around somewhere, but I never see it and I used to enjoy their Pear William. No whole pear in it, but decent budget stuff.

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    1. re: Veggo

      Marie Brizzard is plentiful on the shelves here in Boston: their Apry is essential for a properly-made periodista.

      Remember those horrible single-serving premade cocktails sold under the brand name The Club? In my teens in the 1980s, they were my introduction to the world beyond beer, although even then I knew they were ghastly.

      1. re: Jenny Ondioline

        I know this is from five years ago, but Marie Brizzard did disappear for a few years. Don't know the whole story (and neither did my merchant) but it's back finally.

    2. Riunite (on ice)
      Chill A Cella by Aldo

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      1. re: Scott M

        Riunite on ice.. that's nice.

        Funny thing is I don't mind a Lambrusco (Italian sparking RED wine) but on ice, ick.

          1. re: EvergreenDan

            I'll crack out my big-lapelled leisure suit.

          2. re: Scott M

            Ripple Pagan Pink
            Tango, immortalized in THE WANDERERS
            Brass Monkey, immortalized by the Beastie Boys on LICENSED TO ILL

          3. I remember seeing the big jugs of the Hereford cow as a kid. I drank Champale a few times in my teens. Remember the Heublein pre-mixed rtd's from the 70's-90's? I liked the Pina Colada and the Whiskey Sour as a teen.

            Heublein was bought up by another company, then sold and bought a few times, then rolled into the company that became Diageo. Now they make the cocktails under the name The Club. But I don't know if they are up to the halfway decent quality Heublein ones.

            1. Yes. I actually have a Hereford's Cow sign from the 70's. 30 Proof cows. "A cow on the rocks is not a bum steer."

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              1. re: roaddogg3006

                Take a pic and post it, or heck, email it to me at striperguy at yahoo dot com.

                Way cool to actually own the sign.

                1. re: StriperGuy

                  I have it posted on flickr. Check it out.

                  1. re: roaddogg3006

                    You forgot to link, but the search function did the trick. AWESOME!


              2. Mmmm. Hereford's Cows. Brings back memories of warm summer evenings at the lake
                faking out the rangers when they made their walking rounds. No one ever paid attention
                to what looked like chocolate and strawberry milk. We'd pick up the cows at the convenient
                store on the way to the lake, my girlfriend let me in on that secret. We'd also get an 8-pack
                of Goebel or Pearl, get a mesh bag and drag it behind the rowboat and swim off the boat.
                Much simpler times - turn the clock back!

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