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Nov 9, 2010 06:21 AM

Plastic quart containers

Hi Everyone:

Does anyone know where I can purchase those quart-size plastic (cylindrical) containers you see everywhere ... for example, the soups at Wilson's Farm are in them. They're just the right size for storing leftovers, etc. There used to be a paper goods place in Arlington that sold them but they are closed now. Thanks for your help!

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  1. I have switched to an all 'deli' leftover storage system and I love it. They all have the same lids, don't leak and can go from the freezer, to the microwave, to the dishwasher and are very durable and easy to store. My BF sweet-talks his buddies at Formaggio into selling some to him when he goes, but to be honest I don't know where the actually sell them. They are manufactured under the brand 'Deli-tainer' and come in really large boxes with far more than the average consumer would need. Restaurant Depot would be worth a try if you know someone who has a membership.

    You may be better off making friends with someone at one of the stores that you frequent and getting about 15-20 of each size (baby deli, deli, and double deli as we call them) with enough lids and even if they charge you $20 it will be worth it.

    The paper goods store in Arlington moved, but I'm not sure to where.

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    1. re: suzysue2

      What is the "deli" leftover system?

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        Suzysue2-I use these containers too. I would be careful about microwaving in them. As plastic, I gotta think they realese something into my food. I usually let frozen itemsthaw a bit, then microwave in a dish.

        Just a thought. :)

        1. re: SeaSide Tomato

          And a very good thought!
          Also don't put hot food in them - let it cool first. Toss them if they get scratched.
          Check the numbers on the bottom. The preferred codes are (PETE), code 1, (HDPE), code 2, (LDPE), code 4 and (PP), code 5.

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            You are absolutely correct, I am certain there is a sketch factor, I don't microwave them often, but when I do in a pinch, they remain intact.

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            Thank you all for your input. I just went to the deli department at my local Market Basket and asked if they sold them. They seemed a little surprised but sold me twenty for 10 cents apiece! Not bad!! I put the tupperware containers ($3.99 for three) back on the shelf!!

          3. Harvest Coop in Central uses them for their self-service bulk foods. Maybe you can buy some off of them?

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              Ha, funny. I just got some bulk basmati in the deli container from Harvest the other day, and decided that I need to hit up their bulk section when my supplies get low.

              1. re: emannths

                I've done that in the past to get containers for homemade ice cream. I can't remember what they charged me, but it wasn't much.

              2. If you mean the Paper and More party store it just moved down Mass Ave.

                Also, I have had good luck just asking for a couple of containers at the deli at Whole Foods Woburn "for a project" and they haven't charged me. Of course, they'd probably charge if you wanted lots....

                1. I bought a bunch at the restaurant supply store in the North End at a fraction of what I paid for the same things from King Arthur Flour.

                  Ah, here is the URL:

                  1. You need to have an association with the restaurant business (or a friend who does) but Restaurant Depot in Needham is a haven for any kind of food container you're looking for....usually by the hundred.

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                    1. re: pondrat

                      At that quantity they're about 10 cents per container for decent-quality ones (lids sold separately).

                      1. re: Luther

                        Unless I'm doing a giant cooking event, everything else I buy at Restaurant Depot is done as a split with a bunch of friends. For example those microwavable black chinese food take-out containers are a steal as long as you divide them up with friends or plan to have a 10 year supply for yourself. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with the other 100 take-out pizza boxes I bought as an impulse buy one day. Seemed like a great idea at the time. The place is an addictive morph between Home Depot and Toys R' Us for foodies.


                        1. re: pondrat

                          You're kidding, 100 takeout pizza boxes? What were you thinking?

                            1. re: Luther

                              That said, I will confess to having bought a gallon bottle of olives with pimento; at $13 a crazy bargain and we ate almost all of them.

                              The 50# bag of durum flour only got 1/3 eaten before it went stale. Both still WAY better than supermarket prices. Next time I'm at Restaurant Depot I have to score some of that Cabot 84 butter...

                              1. re: StriperGuy

                                It seemed like a good idea at the time - describes a lot of my life! I've got to make a trip for the Cabot 83 butter very soon - and the blocks of Callebaut.
                                That said, anyone want to see/share my three foot tall stack of 10" cake circles? and I've been so tempted by the 100 packs of assorted cake boxes - a pack of every size, of course.....
                                addictive, definitely

                                1. re: pastrytroll

                                  Hey, pastrytroll - I'd love to buy some of those cake circles from you - if we could actually get together. :D Hope all is well w/you & yours, and you aren't working too, too hard. I haven't been to the Restaurant Depot since that time we went there together. Been thinking of getting a membership (I have a tax number I never use(d) for a business I never started, lol. Story of my life...) Looked at their flyer - cannoli shells!! I'm thinking of buying some boxes to send to relatives in TN who would LOVE the gift. Pizza boxes would be very good, too - my kids would love the idea. (means they could go home w/my homemade pizza, of course).

                                  Their flyer says they are moving to Everett 'soon.' Anyone know where/when? (If I wasn't so lazy I'd call, but I'm supposed to be working on an assignment right now. Yeah. Right.)

                                  1. re: threedogs

                                    3Dogs - I actually bought the small pizza boxes for exactly that reason....was tired of taking flatbreads to peoples parties on my cutting boards.

                                    I buy the large boxes of small chocolate trimmed cannoli shells and the frozen cannoli cream in the piping bags all the time. We use them at parties and have the kids pipe their own cannoli's before they devour them.

                                    They just opened the new fresh seafood section a month ago... Clams in bulk a really good deal.

                                    1. re: threedogs

                                      You might also consider getting the Cannoli's directly from Golden Cannoli on the Cambridge/Somerville line (behind La Hacienda, near the Twin Cities plaza). They also offer smaller packs.

                                      My educated guess on where RD is moving to is a fancier warehouse space with more nice entrance which is going up off Rt 16 between Pep Boys and Stop and Shop. On a side note its near the HP Cookie Factory (or something like that) which is another decent bulk holiday shopping destination.

                                      La Hacienda
                                      46 Medford St, Somerville, MA 02143