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Nov 9, 2010 05:26 AM

McCord's Farm to Table Hatboro

I was going through Hatboro this weekend and I noticed that On A Roll Cafe had closed, and there was a new sign for "McCord's Farm to Table" Does anyone have any idea what this is? I had never been to On A Roll, but I'm not sure if they went out of business, or if the owners were reworking the restaurant and changing the name. The name sounds intriguing, and it would be a good addition to the town, since the only good options right now are Corner Kitchen and La Morena.

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  1. I met one of the new owners at First Friday in October. The On A Roll people closed and sold the place to the Farm to Table people. It sounded like they were going to do a local produce type cafe. I haven't had a chance to try it yet, though. Have they opened?

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      There was still paper up on the windows as of this past weekend. I think there might have been some kind of note or sign on the door. I'll try to swing by tonight to see if there's any indication of the menu or opening date.

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        I walked by this evening, and the name is actually McCourt's, and they have a page on facebook:

        Here's the description from the Facebook page:

        Serving Organic, locally grown meals. You bring the wine, we'll handle the rest! Park for free in rear, enjoy the live pianist and savor the tastes of Delaware Valley grown foods. Fresh vegetable & fruit juices for the whole family, too!

    2. Please let us know when this opens and, if you visit, how it is.
      The description on their Facebook page sounds attractive.
      BYO is always a plus.
      We'll be driving from Bucks, so we're going to rely upon you MontCo people to let us know if its worth the trip.

      1. McCourt's Farm to Table opens at 4pm today. I already have my reservation and will post my opinion tomorrow.

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          Jessica39: It's always nice to give a new restaurant a few weeks to find its footing. Don't be surprised if there are a few glitches on the first night.

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            Don't worry I'll be gentle. I understand it takes while to get things right, but they've got to have someone to test it out on. We are Hatboro townies so we thought we'd give it a try. Plus my hubby is a chef and I was a waitress in my earlier years so I think we can see past the little kinks that need to be worked out.

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            Ok so here is my review.

            The food was great, but pricey. I would definitely say it was worth its price as it was all local and organic, but it was more than my husband and I like to spend on an average date night and we don't usually care if it is local or organic. Somehow knowing food is local and organic makes it taste better though. We ended up splitting an appetizer, salad, main course, and dessert in order to keep in our budget and each get to try a few things.

            For the appetizer we had their 3 sliders for $19. A turkey burger, bison burger, and crab cake. My personal favorite was the crab cake, but my husband liked the bison best. They were all very good. Then for a salad we got a 1/2 plate of the spinach and pear salad. The salad was the best part of a really good meal. Our friend got the peanut butter and sweet pot soup, which I tasted and it was also amazing. If it were mine I would have added salt, but I am an over salter so it was probably just right. This is where things get fuzzy, we took full advantage of the BYO and even ran home for more wine when the 3 bottles we originally brought were gone. For entrees one of our friends had a 1/2 salad, and the other ordered one of the veggie options, which there were lots of I didn't taste either, but they seemed to like their meals. I am not a vegetarian and like to have a meat with most of my meals so my husband and I split a $40 filet which came with a side of what I think was spaghetti squash and baby carrots. Everything was delicious. We ended with an apple pie, which was good, but not outstanding in my opinion. I don't remember how much the apple pie was though. Our friends shared a chocolate soup type thing for dessert, I did taste it, but to be honest by that point we were all beyond tipsy and I don’t remember much about it except that I liked it.

            The menu was very nice and included a large selection of vegetarian, and seafood options which I would have loved to have tried, but at those prices we couldn't afford more than one entree that night. Everything was organic and they had quite a few gluten free things. The veggie entrees were a little cheaper most were in the $20s, the crab cake entree was $36, and the steaks were $40. There was a bison meatloaf for I think $26. None of this included salads and I think the 1/2 salads were around $9 but I don't remember exactly. The 1/2 salads were the perfect side salad portion, maybe a little larger than the average side salad.

            Oh and I can't believe I forgot this. Instead of the typical complimentary bread we got two bags of kale chips. It was kale seasoned very well, they told us with what but I forget now, then they were fried I think. Not in a deep fryer, but maybe in a pan. They were very yummy, but not very filling.

            Now for the decor and ambiance. I had never been in the place before last night so I don't know what it looked like beforehand, but i was told it was a dirty deli. It looks nice now. Nothing spectacular, but very nice. They went with a red, black, and silver theme and I think the owner said it was designed by Dolce and Gabbana . They had a grand (or baby grand) piano in the front window that played itself, but they said in the future, on the weekends, they plan to have a live person playing it. The music was very nice. On the left side of the restaurant there was a long black booth style seat that went the length of the restaurant lined with tables and chairs on the other side. The rest of the restaurant had 4-5 person tables spread throughout all with white table cloths and set with water and wine glasses. The walls were a bright red with a silver embossed wallpaper trim at the top and the industrial drop ceiling was painted silver. To go with the red theme the chef even wore a red jacket and a red beret looking thing when he came out to talk to us.

            When we got there at 6 pm we were the only patrons , but more tables came in while we were there and a couple people stopped in just to see the menu.

            The service was very nice and they refilled our glasses regularly. Only thing was although there were water glasses on the table no one offered us water or brought it. I thought a couple times to ask, but then always seemed to forget when the waiter came to the table. It didn't really bother me.

            Anyway, generally I liked it. I will go back, but likely when someone else is paying or it is a special event. The owner seems to think that Hatboro is set for a revival, and I hope he is right, but for now most of us living there are pretty blue collar, and they will need to survive on people coming from other towns for their clientele until this revival hits Hatboro. We aren’t Ambler yet.

            I hope they make it.

            1. re: Jessica39

              SUSTAINABILITY in the context of paying workers/small farmers a living wage for what they produce and thus insuring that it will continue to be produced and those doing so can have a decent life is not only noble but simply reasonable. Prices as noted above, being charged under the banner of sustainability, will most likely be unsustainable!

          3. I'm a supporter of sustainability but those prices for a suburban BYO may be the writing on the wall. If I'm understanding correctly, a crab cake and 1/2 a salad will set me back $45 without an app or dessert? Thanks for the heads up.

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            1. re: Chefpaulo

              I ate here with my boyfriend on the restaurant's opening weekend. I was fairly excited, since I've recently been trying to adopt "locavore" tendencies, and I grew up in Hatboro. I've eaten at quite a few different restaurants with similar "farm to table" practices, and unfortunately, at this point, I didn't feel that McCord's was comparable.
              Like others have mentioned, the prices were quite high, especially for a restaurant in Hatboro. I am prepared to pay a price for food prepared with local, organic ingredients, but I didn't find the dishes to be all that spectacular, thus, not worth the price.
              We started with an appetizer and a salad. The appetizer was bland, and the salad was OK, but nothing memorable. We were given complimentary soup, which was tasty, and appreciated. For an entree, we decided to share a chicken dish, which again, was OK but nothing memorable. We split a cheesecake dessert also, and again, just OK. We also each had a cup of tea for $3/each. I was expecting to be served loose tea in an infuser at that price, but it was just bagged tea in a mug, which was dissapointing.
              I did not like the decor. I was expecting something much more rustic, and instead I just got the impression of a suburban Italian restaurant.
              I've eaten at similarly priced restaurants, who source ingredients from local farms both in Philly and outside (New Hope) and those were true dining experiences that I will never forget. I'm hoping that McCord's is just still working out the kinks. If they are around in year, I will give it another try.

              1. re: Katie81

                Yikes! Open barely a week and we're already writing them off?
                I haven't been there yet, but have this sense that the folks who opened McCord's are making it a labor of love. I agree that the prices seem high for Bucks/Mont, but shouldn't we give them a chance? Perhaps they are reading these messages and will address the price issue (hopefully, by reducing the prices).

                Spell check, guys. "Disappointing" has one "s".

                1. re: gaffk

                  I can't help but wonder the challenges of sourcing produce as local as possible during the winter. Perhaps we will see fluctuations as we get into the prime growing season.

                  But the other reality folks is that we are on the cusp of HUGE increases in food costs. Its been all over the news including the front page of the wall street journal.

                  In reviewing their menu 19 dollars for sliders as an appetizer and 26 dollars for Bison meatloaf seems steep. And there is no entree under 20 dollars. Good cooking deserves to command a fair price. Lets see if they can deliver or this may not be McCourt's Table but rather Angela's Ashes.

                  Does anyone know anything about the Chef Will Muelller? The website gave no biography of him.

                  1. re: gaffk

                    I would agree. People always complain about a lack of good dining options in the suburbs but as soon as a new restaurant comes along with a nice concept everyone is so quick to write them off. While I agree the prices are steep (well above what I would normally pay) after they go through their growing pains maybe a meal there will be well worth the price. If not hopefully the owners would adjust their pricing accordingly. I think having a fresh local restaurant is a geat concept and fills a huge void in the area, so I hope they stick around, and if necessary the owners would modify the prices to a more cafe type concept.

                    1. re: famdoc

                      They have their chance now! Many people will not buy the "labor of love" sustainability justification for the very high menu prices and never even go there. Others will and then make their judgement on the quality and "value" of the items served; which so far have been reported as dissappointing. A great value of this site is being able to preview a perspective dining choice, setting expectations for food, price and value based on opinions of others whom one might deem as unbias and/or knowledgeable. Thanks Katie and Jessica for your reviews.

                      1. re: Bacchus101

                        You beat me to it, Bacchus. Value is the core of the issue. Is a tab of $59 for the brunch buffet at La Croix a good value? Absolutely. Is $45 for a crab cake and half a salad in Hatboro....? All will decide in their own time if a sojourn over is worth the drive and the cost for their return on investment.

                2. Please do not write this restaurant off. If you have a special occasion and do not want to travel to the city this is a nice option. Plus La Fontana across the street has a nice bar for after dinner cocktails.
                  My husband is a chef, no longer in restaurants though, and he used to work at a beautiful BYO in New Hope. He left because he needed to make more money. The owners are old fashioned and so are their prices. Good food costs money and no matter how much he liked it there he couldn't stay because the restaurant was not making enough to pay him. Plus I believe the owners of the New Hope restaurant never made a profit they seemed to be running the restaurant, which was next door to their home, as a hobby. Most people can't live that way hence the price of good food these days.
                  Oh and FYI not all local produce is grown outside, you can get a lot of local produce that is grown in green houses which is why we can still get local produce in the winter.

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                  1. re: Jessica39

                    I'm with Jessica. This is all about balance: balance between the power of the internet and the hard work and financial investment some folks put into opening a new business. Balance between expectations and reality. I live in the New Hope area and there are about a dozen really fine restaurants I frequent in the Lambertville-New Hope-Stockton-Doylestown corridor. Every so often, I like to travel a bit farther to try something interesting. After hearing about McCord's and reading its Facebook page and web site, I had high expectations. I appreciate the early impressions, but don't feel we should doom the place based upon limited experience. With the spring approaching, the selection of local products will expand. And, with any luck, prices may moderate as the owners receive feedback (and look at how many tables they fill). Finally, the fact that this is a BYO place should temper criticism of the prices.
                    You can bring a $25 bottle of wine, which you would pay $50-75 for in a licensed restaurant.

                    1. re: Jessica39

                      If you know of a place where I can get locally grown avocados I'd love to hear about it.

                            1. re: McCourtsTable

                              Thanks so much for posting the revised web site. Its great to see the lunch menu up and that there are several entrees below 20 dollars for dinner.

                              You really should consider puting the restaurant hours up on the website.

                              Look forward to eating at your fine restaurant.

                              1. re: cwdonald

                                CW: If you get the vegetables "wrapped in foliage," please let us know what kind of leaves to expect. That's a gustatory first for me as I'm more accustomed to raking it than eating it.

                              2. re: McCourtsTable

                                Some interesting menu items, nice place. As a great burger lover I did notice the price of The Buffalo Burger is $16. Village Wiskey, noted as one of the best burgers, is $11 for the non foie gras in the city, Half Moon's Famous Buffalo burger is $11. Even some of the CC steak houses offer great burgers under $16. Perhaps the piano and candelabra add overhead and increased value to that burger.