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Nov 9, 2010 04:18 AM

Restaurants in Wexford, Cranberry TWP, and North Pittsburgh

My husband and I are going to me in the Pittsburgh area this weekend. I'm a Poconos/Philly girl so I have no idea about Pittsburgh restaurants. We are looking for a reasonably priced restaurant for a dinner for two. My husband is a big meat eater! I prefer something on the healthier side. I am willing to try a "Pttsburgh sandwich" to see how they compare to Philly cheesesteak. What are these Pittsburgh sandwiches? Are they any places "you should have to eat in Pittsburgh? (We would like to stay on the north side of Pittsburgh.)

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  1. I imagine you're talking about Primanti Bros., who put French fries on their sandwiches. Scroll down to "Suburban Locations." It's the first one.

    I don't know the northern suburbs at all, so I'll leave it to someone else to make other recommendations.

    1. Lessee, Wexford/Cranberry area stuff we like:

      City Oven, in the Village at Pine shopping center (Giant Eagle) on Rt 19, very good wood-fired pizza. This is basically a counter service place though, and though they now have a liquor license they don't have much. (You might still be able to bring your own tho.)

      Thai Place is adequate, if you find yourself wanting that. Also on 19, across the highway from above. Eaten many times here, they recognize us when we go in. ;-)

      Have had a good meal at Blue Water Tavern, in the same plaza.

      Walnut Grove, just up the highway, first time years ago was not good, finally gave it another try, not too bad.

      Over where PA Rt 910 meets I-79 is an Italian restaurant Bella Frutteto which we've enjoyed several times.

      Not as many place to recommend in Cranberry proper. Fewer independent places because it's so full of chains. Siba on Rt 228 can be okay. The space is particularly nicely done if you're looking for that.

      I don't find the Primanti's sandwich to be a must-do, but there is a branch in Cranberry on Freedom Rd. I think a fried fish sandwich would be a better contender against something like the cheesesteak, as there are many different places to get one and many opinions on whose is best. It's such a common thing here that I tend to forget it's not always that common elsewhere. There's not a really great contender in the north area to my knowledge, or at least that I've actually eaten (someone may have recommended a place that I've forgotten and never eaten at). Freedom Square Diner in Cranberry makes an adequate fish sandwich, but it's only adequate and also expensive compared to other better ones in the city.

      There are other places that might be good in the Wexford area as well; these are just places I've actually been. They all have web sites if you search.

      1. I am staying in Cranberry in December, thanks for the tips!

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          I've been to Jimmy Wan's a number of times and really enjoy it:

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            I always forget Jimmy Wan's, mainly because we went fairly early on and wrote it off a long time ago as uninteresting to us. But others like it.

            For anyone who comes in late enough there's a new place called Echo set to open in the former Hereford and Hops building. Not sure when they'll be ready though. They recently put up some pics of setting in kitchen equipment so they may be getting close.

            New web site says December opening. We'll see if they make it.

            There's also Flavor of India in Cranberry, which is pretty good. We like it anyway, not sure how it compares if you have lots of choices for Indian.

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              Give Jimmy Wan's another try. I think you'll like it.

        2. This area has many options but nothing too terribly exciting. Here's a few you may find adequate: Springfield Grille, Mad Mex & Aladdin's.

          Springfield Grille
          1226 Perry Hwy, Mercer, PA 16137