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Nov 9, 2010 03:17 AM


Has anyone been recently? The menu looks absolutely stunning and genuinely different from the classic 'Fois Gras-Scallops-Turbot-Pigeon' tasting menus you get all over town.

What's the atmosphere like?

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  1. Yes, and it's wonderful. The products and preparation are lovely.

    1. I went in September and had a fabulous meal – I thought I’d written about it but can’t find it so you’ll have to rely on my shoddy memory!

      We went for lunch and had the fish and seafood tasting menu. The amuse was my absolute favourite part of the meal – a pea custard, topped with cooked peas and then pea granita and a seaweed dust.

      A smoked salmon dish which came with various forms of cucumber for those who like it (I don’t) including snow and horseradish. The fish had an amazing depth of flavour and I loved the slightly sweet rye croutons /crisps. Beetroot was my cucumber replacement.

      A beautifully delicate seafood broth with scallops. I remember the individual flavours and the olive oil which it was finished with really standing out as well as working together.

      I can’t remember the main fish dish but do know it was flavoured with orange and had barley in it. This was my least favourite dish as, although it was nice, it didn’t have the same layers and delicacy of flavour that the others did.

      I disliked the pre-dessert – I can’t remember what it was other than that it tasted of grass. The friend I was with adored it though and ate both! Dessert was a white chocolate something or other. There were savoury components to this as well as the sweet, which worked well.

      I loved the food – much lighter and fresher than this level of cooking usually is – I think the kitchen doesn’t used dairy products other than yoghurt which must play a part in this.

      The room was nice enough but it did have a slight feeling of being attached to a hotel lobby. The bar at the front looks nice and I’d be interested to know what it’s like in the evening. Good champagne selection. Michael Palin was also eating there which i failed to notice but thrilled my chum.

      Eta: I’ve just found the menu online, £62.50:

      Organic Salmon
      Graflax, smoked, horseradish
      Scottish Scallop
      Clams, cockles, vegetable nage, herbs
      Icelandic Lightly Salted Cod
      Barley Risotto, Prawns, Shellfish jus
      Valrhona White Chocolate
      Mousse, ice cream, dill, cucumber

      1. I was last there in April, but I'm booked for dinner this Saturday.
        Roughly 45-50 covers, the room is pretty nice but it can feel empty later in the evening due to a very high ceiling. Partially open kitchen, I've always seen Agnar (head chef) buzzing around any time I've been before, which is always a good sign.
        I have posted about previous trips elsewhere on the UK/Ireland board so I'll not go into the food too much, but it is definitely worth a visit.

        Great wine list too, Xavier knows his stuff.

        1. For the record, I had the fish tasting menu on Saturday and it was superb. The only minor quibble would be the orange flavour running through the cod dish; just didn't quite work for me, but beyond that the whole menu was up to form. And, as per usual, Agnar was there the whole time.

          It transpires that Xavier has moved to 28-50, their sister establishment. Erika seems to have taken over his post and has made a few interesting changes to the list.

          Still one of the best value 1 Stars I know, and how some other places can be ranked along side it with their star is beyond me.

          1. I want to thank everyone here for alerting me to Texture. My partner and I are in London this weekend and had dinner there last night. Everything about it was truly superb, from the warm welcome, to the delicious crisps and popcorn served with cocktails, to the intriguing flavor and textural combinations, great service, excellent wine list and helpful sommeliere. We ordered a la carte and felt it was quite good value.