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Nov 9, 2010 02:40 AM

Charlotte Birthday Dinner Suggestions

Hey all, I'm turning to Chowhound for some help with my birthday dinner. I'm looking for a nice place to eat Saturday night. I'm a fan of meat, my wife on the other hand is a vegetarian. I'm not looking to break the bank, but I understand quality costs-- so $20-$30 an entree works. I'm newish to the Charlotte dining scene, but not to North Carolina. To give you an idea what my wife and I like... we're huge fans of Bouchon in Asheville and The Lantern in Chapel Hill. I'm looking for something like that here in the Queen City.


62 N Lexington Ave, Asheville, NC 28801

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  1. Carpe Diem and Pewter Rose are both good for mixed diets. Or perhaps Copper, they're sort of modern Indian and again good for mixed diets.

    There is a newish restaurant called Kalu downtown, I think its supposed to be some sort of Asian fusion although it looks a little fancy-pants for me. There have been some good reports, but they may still be working out kinks according to our local critic.

    Maybe check out the new Harvest Moon Grill at the Dunhill hotel?

    Harvest Moon Cafe
    234 Broad St, Rome, GA 30161

    1. I think you'll both be happy with Harvest Moon Grill!

      1. One place that never gets much attention on this board is Lavecchia's. It's a good choice, particularly if your wife eats seafood. I was there a few months ago and the oysters were fabulous! It's a very pretty restaurant but definitely not over the top. Happy birthday.

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          southernitalian, I second your comments. My son and I go to CLT several times a year and Lavecchia's is one of our favorites downtown. Very good menu & service and neat atmosphere! Just a leisurely 10 minute walk from our hotel.

        2. Good Food on Montford is a great choice. It depends on what part of town you live in though??? Carpe Diem mentioned on another reply is also great. Check out for more charlotte choices or email me at to narrow down the part of town & I can help out more. Happy B-Day!