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Nov 9, 2010 02:24 AM

Chez Bruce [London]

Hello all,

Have booked a table for lunch on Friday but they were only able to fit us in in the "small room" (their words!) upstairs rather than in the main restaurant. She assured me they were almost full so we wouldn't be sitting up there alone, but does anyone have any views about whether it's a nice place to sit? If it gets hot and stuffy, or if it can be very quiet, or if the service is slower, I might be tempted to cancel my reservation and go elsewhere.



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  1. I've sat upstairs and it's perfectly nice up there. Has a more intimate, romantic feel than the downstairs, but I didn't find it tiny or stuffy or a second-rate room. From memory it has about six tables? Service seemed perfectly good up there. I'd go for it.

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      excellent news, i'm really looking forward to having the day off work and enjoying a long lunch - seems so decadent! thanks :)

    2. When we last visited Chez Bruce two years ago it was wonderful: both the food and the service. The sommeliere was particularly sensitive to our tastes and the compatibility with the dishes we had chosen.

      This time we were disappointed. The wine service was both spotty and pushy, our waiter knew little about the food, and the manager was charmless. We complained about a millefeuille that contained no puff pastry and only two layers, and the manager brushed us off. Much of the food was still delicious, for example the crispy lamb breast with Asian salad and the apple tart with blackberries, but we got the impression that they did not care so much about their customers.

      One of us would return again, but the other wouldn't.