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Nov 9, 2010 02:02 AM

Viena During Thanksgiving time

Hi all!
I am planning a trip with my family to Vienna for thanksgiving. We are very excited and have never been there, or anywhere else in the baltic region. We enjoy good food, and are ok with paying for it! Two out of three of us will not eat meat or shelfish, so we need to accomodate that- any reccomendations?
and any reccomendations for good dessert spots?
Thanks you!!!!!!

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  1. Kitty, Vienna is not in the Baltic region.... actually quite far from there!
    You might want to check this recent post for answers:
    Enjoy Vienna, one of the most attractive cities in the world!

    1. it's worth mentioning, even if it's for someone who doesn't already know this -- Vienna doesn't observe Thanksgiving -- it's very much an ordinary Thursday, although it might be noticed in American-owned or -oriented establishments.