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Nov 8, 2010 09:12 PM

Arrocerias in Madrid

Looking for some decent arrocerias in Central Madrid area.

I have Casa Hortensia, La Barraca & El Neru so far.

Any suggestions/experiences ?


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  1. I haven't been to La Barraca in years,
    but I do like El Ventorrillo Murciano on Tres Peces 20 (metro-Antón Martín) in Lavapiés. I like their rice with rabbit and snails, the rice with rabbit and vegetables and their arroz a banda, but the rices here are more Murcian style than Valencian.

    It also has an interesting wine list with offerings from Yecla and Jumilla.

    And it's a tiny place, so you need to reserve. It's cute and cozy with exposed brick walls and tile floors and maybe a 6-8 tables. Not touristy. It's off the beaten path.

    If you read Spanish, here's a review

    I think of Casa Hortensia and El Ňeru as Asturian (for fabada, Asturian cider house fare) rather than arrocerías.

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    1. re: Maribel

      Sorry ANDREVI !
      I just saw your other thread with the recommendations of Casa Hortensia and El Ňeru for Asturian fabada. So...I see that you have them already on your list for Asturian dining, not for rice.

      1. re: Maribel

        What about La Máquina de Lugones, at Paseo de la Habana 107, for fabada and arroz con leche?

        1. re: JuanDoe

          Hola Juan Doe,
          Since I have a decided dining bias for the Retiro district :),
          how about...

          Couzapín, the new and nifty extension of the Asturian cider house Carlos Tartiere at Calle Menorca 33? (metro-Ibiza)

          We come here for a casual dinner of small plates such as
          one of their excellent signature salads,
          chorizo braised in cider,
          wild mushrooms from the Madrid sierra (magnificent in autumn),
          onion-breaded squid (the chipirones encebollados),
          homemade empanadas
          pixín (monkfish)
          or in winter, their hearty fabada.
          Their enormous plate of fresh shaved duck foie with duck ham is amazing!
          Portions are quite ample.
          For dessert their Asturian crepes, frixuelos,
          or a platter of artisan Asturias cheeses.

          And here you can also try your hand at cider drinking Asturian style, but the waiters do the pouring (el arte de escanciar), leaving a bucket placed at your feet in which to throw the dulled cider remaining in your glass.

          We find that the prices at restaurants in the Paseo de la Habana-Estadio Bernabeu area to be somewhat higher than in the Retiro district, which is why we dine in the Retiro neighborhood so often and don't hike up there.
          We should more often.
          We do go up to Ferreiro on Comandante Zorita for Asturian fare, but it certainly doesn't have a typical cider house atmosphere--more formal dining.

          But...that's not to say that La Máquina de Lugones isn't *very much* worth a metro or bus ride...particularly if you want to feast on fabada for lunch preceded by a great salad and finish up with their fabled arroz con leche or a great cheese platter.
          And it beats having to hike all the way up to the mothership in Lugones.

      2. re: Maribel

        Hola Maribel,

        Sorry, got confused.

        It should be La Barraca.

        Still looking for more arrocerias in Madrid Centro.

        Thanks for any recs you might have.

        1. re: ANDREVI

          What about "soupy rice"? Villa de Foz is a recommend good-value Galician restaurant. Specialities: pulpo a feira (boiled octopus with paprika) and arroz caldoso (soupy rice with seafood)