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Nov 8, 2010 07:27 PM

Dinner to take on the plane tomorrow?

San Francsico Chowhound, here. I'll be flying back to SF tomorrow from Boston. I have a car and some time in the afternoon to pick up dinner somewhere around town to take with me on the plane. Any suggestions? I'd prefer not a sandwich if possible (but will give up on that requirement if there's something TDF that I should try). Would prefer that it's not crazy smelly (Santarpio's garlic pizza is out).

Without outside assistance, I would probably head back to Formaggio Kitchen and load up on a picnic-style dinner.



Formaggio Kitchen
244 Huron Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138

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  1. Stop at Rincon Limeno in East Boston near the airport and get some of their fabulous ceviche.

    Rincon Limeno
    409 Chelsea St, Boston, MA 02128

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    1. re: BBHound

      The advisability of ceviche will depend on when Fig Newton plans to eat. If it's over New York it might not be a bad idea. If it's over Colorado, it might not be a good one.

      I live close to Formaggio, so they're my go-to place for in-flight food. I carry olives, sliced dry salami, hard cheese, etc. I prefer not to eat food that's too pungent on airplanes.

    2. Go to Kantin in the 88 market in Allston. Get the BBQ three delights. You will not be disappointed! It's not very smelly or messy but it is gosh-darn delicious.

      1095 Commonwealth Ave Ste 203, Boston, MA 02215

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      1. re: meatluvr

        Or their salt and pepper chicken. It will clean out your sinuses on the panes as well! You could also stop at Gallaria Umberto and get some arancini, panini, or a calzone. Less messy than pizza, more contained.

      2. Go back to Formaggio, you won't beat that. Many of my plane staples are indeed sandwiches, so I can't be of help. Can't go wrong with Formaggio though.

        1. Formaggio is usually my plane food. I would also add a clear flour demi baguette (if you are travelling solo), some local apples (not the best apple year but still darn tasty), a few of the Lakota cookies (in the cookie case) and salty oats cookies (either in the bread bakery case or the 6 pack is by the chocolates. I'm partial to the chocolate salty oat cookie).

          The salamis are great and you can request that they a specific amount of slices v. weight.

          Lastly, whatever bread you decide on, try and call ahead and have them hold it for you. Otherwise you may be sol.

          Cheese, bread, salami, fruit and cookies. What more do you need?

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          1. re: beetlebug

            Make sure not to get a soft cheese. I had some taken from me at security for too closely resembling a gel!!

            1. re: fantundo

              That's funny. And, of course, the smell will do nothing to convince a harried TSA official that it's safe.

          2. The original comment has been removed