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Nov 8, 2010 07:27 PM

Now this is an Iron Chef episode I wish Food Network would air ...

Read about it here:

I wonder if David Chang of Momofuku would ever try out for The Next Iron Chef competition ...

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  1. nice.

    Morimoto has actually used that ice smoker on ICA a couple of times.

    1. I was there, and while it was fun to watch it was not as satisfying as a real episode of Iron Chef -- the chefs cooked one after another instead of simultaneously, they obviously knew what the ingredients were beforehand, and Hattori-sensei had a hard time getting some of the chefs to talk as they worked. Still, it was very cool, and it was great to see Sakai if only in the audience. The really exciting news from that session was that one of the original producers of Iron Chef was there -- on his way to LA to discuss a new program in development. Allez cuisine!