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Nov 8, 2010 06:50 PM

Di Bruno Bros at Rittenhouse Square for lunch, yay or nay?

I searched the board and couldn't find much..

how is their lunch these days? Thanks in advance.

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  1. I'd be more inclined to have you put together a lunch from their cheeses and charcuterie, buying either their bread or heading around to corner to Parc restaurant for what must be the best baguette in the city (just walk right up to the hostess and ask for one), to be enjoyed on a park bench in Rittenhouse square (if weather permits). The prepared foods at DiBruno Bros never inspired me...

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      Upstairs at DiBruno's is mediocre if you ask me. I have eaten there a number of times and been much less impressed about the food upstairs as opposed to the cheeses, charcuterie, (and even some of the prepared foods in the display cases) downstairs. While there are a few decent items upstairs (I seem to remember the margherita pizza and some of the sandwiches being ok, and just ok), the food upstairs looks better than it tastes IMO.

        1. re: monpetitescargot

          You're welcome. Since DiBruno's is in the Rittenhouse area, there are many other better lunch choices very close by. If you are looking for anything in particular just holler!

    2. the sandwiches are really good, they use high quality meats and breads

      1. I'm a fan of their salad bar, but then, I'm a fan of all salad bars.

        In general though, it's meh. It'll work, but if you have time to go elsewhere there are definitely better options.