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Nov 8, 2010 06:42 PM

Should I have rinsed the corned beef brisket?

Our family has a small organic, grass-fed, beef cattle operation. A couple of times a year, we'll have one butchered for ourselves when the steers go to auction. We asked the butcher shop that "processes" our cows to include some corned beef roasts this last time around. I pulled one out, defrosted it, and when I opened the vac-pac, just dumped everything in the bag, along with a bottle of Amstel Light and a cut-up onion into the slow cooker. Should I have dumped out the corning spices and/or rinsed the brisket? There was not a lot of brining liquid, but what seemed (after the fact) to be an overabundance of corning spices in the liquid when I pulled out the roast. The veggies I added toward the end of cooking time sure soaked up a lot of the corned beef flavor... I love salty food, but I would say they were a little too "corned." Advice?

PS: The beef tastes great, albeit chewy, but we expect this.

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  1. add potatoes, or other starches to soak up the salt.

    1. Next time, yes, rinse first, even soak a bit if needed...adding potatoes might soak up the liquid that gets released from cooking the meat but it does not soak up the salt in the meat itself.