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Nov 8, 2010 06:13 PM

Venice and Rome....2 dinners in each. About 260-270EUR PP Budget . Where would you go?

We are trying to figure out how to split our budget, where our money will best be spent vs. the best overall experiences and we would also like to get a variety of different experiences (overall different experiences but i think most importantly, not a duplication of the same style of food or presentation)

My thought is for each destination to have 1 more upscale dining experience and the alternate night to have a more moderately priced and casual restaurant but with still with very good food.

I have compiled a good list I think for each area but I would still love to see what your opinions would be and how and where you would spend your money.

I should mention that there will be 2 of our money might go slightly further (we could split a pasta or dessert lets say)

Thanks very much!

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  1. Yours is a very complicated post to respond to. Is 260-270EUR PP Budget for all four dinners? Are you into wine? What is "upscale': Le Pergola, Il Convivio, Il Pagliacacci? or more like Antico Arco, Il Ceppo, Piperno, Checchino? Since you already have a list of restaurants for each city, I assume you know the approximate cost for each. It is really up to you how you want to allocate your budget. One person might do da Fiore in Venice one night and eat simple pizza or cicchetti the next while another rather have two moderately price dinners. My advice is not to lump Venice and Rome together because the dining scenes are very different. Venice is not for creativity nor variety. The best places serve traditional Venetian cooking, much of it seafood base. What one is paying for are: service, exclusivity, ambience, the freshness and rarity of the seafood, proper preparation. It is very difficult to eat cheaply in Venice.
    For Venice, a 3 course meal per person before wine:
    The very expensive restaurants such as da Fiore and Da Ivo will be about 100E . The tasting menu at the Michelin 2 star Met is about 120E.
    More moderate places such as Fiaschetteria Toscana, Alle Testiere, Al Covo, Boccadero will be about 50E.
    Even more moderate but not 'cheap' are Vini da Gigio, La Bitta, Bancogiro, Anice Stellato.
    The above are places that I like and is not a suggestion how you allocate your budget. If your total budget is 260-270EUR PP for 4 dinners, it will be difficult to hit one high end place for each city.

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      PBSF: You were a wonderful culinary guide for us in a visit to Barcelona and Madrid this year. As for Venice, which we visited some years ago, I am happy to confirm your recommendations of Alle Testiere, Vini da Gigio and La Bitte. We hope to rent an apartment in Rome next summer. I would be most appreciative if you have further comments on Roman restaurants that feature authentic regional cuisine at moderate prices. If you have a rental source to recommend there that would also be most appreciated (I noted another post in which you referenced a stay at an apartment in Monti two years ago). To paraphrase the litergy, whither you have gone (and recommend) I will be happy to go.

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        Thank you for the nice words. Unlike Venice where we spend couple months every year in our apartment or frequent short visits to see friends in Barcelona, I am not as familiar with Rome. We have visited Rome a few times, usually spending a week playing tourists. In the past, we have rented apartments near the Campo dei Fiore, just west of the Trevi Fountain and most recently (2008) in Monti, near via dei Serpente. The last time, we wanted to get away from the very center yet still able to walk there during the evenings. We picked Monti for a change as well as the price of apartments were cheaper than Centro. Our eating habit has always been to mostly shop and cook, therefore, our restaurant experience is limited. We enjoyed the various food shops around the Cp dei Fiore but the outdoor market itself does not offer a lot of variety in terms of food. We made frequent trips to Testaccio (easy by metro) or a stroll to Mercato di Piazza Vittorio as well as numerous small shops around the neighborhood (including a small convenient supermarket). We tend to find a good nearby cafe for the morning and stick to that for the entirety which we did at Caffe dei Brasile on Serpente. One always get friendlier welcome after a couple of times. I think for first time visitors, food wise and proximity to Navona, Pantheon, etc, it is best to stay closest to the center as possible. Since this is a food site, other topics such as lodging are off limits. Below is the link to my post on our last Rome visit:
        On previous visits, we had good meals at Antico Arco, Checchino dal 1887, alla Rampa, La Piazzetta, Ditirambo, Maccheroni, pizzas at Da Francesco, Ivo and Remo. An exceptional dinner at Il Pagliaccio. Except for the pizzerias, these are all one time places. I am a coffee addict and love sitting in cafes especially in Centro: Tazza d'Oro, de la Pace (so so coffee but wonderful terrace), La Caffettiera (great rum baba and sfogliatella), Caffe Farnese, Dolci e Doni
        And bakeries: Bernasconi, Roscioli, Il Fornaio, Forno del Ghetto, La Dolce Roma, Pan di Zuchero for warm donuts, Dagnino for Sicilian pastries.
        There are some very informed and knowledgeable posters such as katieparla, mfant, vinoroma, on this board regarding to eating in Rome. I would search this board for the numerous previous posts.

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          Many thanks, PBSF, for a thorough reply. I already have spotted the posters you mentioned, and will cross-reference with your recommendations. Any restaurant or food source you have kind words for will be fine for me.

    2. Our two best meals in Rome last year were at Roscioli on Via de Guibbonari and at la Rosetta. Lunch at Checchino was also great. Our two best dining experiences in Venice this year were dinner at Trattoria Antiche Carampane and ciccetti at All Arco and Vini Al Bottegon.