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Nov 8, 2010 05:49 PM

Shopping Advice

I recently moved back to the States and I'm very excited to go on my first big grocery spree this week! Any new products, etc. that I must try?

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      1. re: singingfoodie

        Which part of NJ? Near Philly? Lakewood? Livingston/Westorange?
        Closer to NYC?

        1. re: singingfoodie

          Are you looking to go to a kosher supermarket (like Pomegranate) or a regular store (like Shoprite)?

          Depending on where you are in NJ... Fairway (Paramus), Shoprite with a Kosher Experience section, kosher supermarkets in Lakewood. If you're close to NYC.. you could make a trip into Brooklyn and go to several different places- Pomegrante, Glatt Mart, KRM or Moisha's, Shoprite. You could also go to a kosher butcher and fish market and stock up on some things for the freezer.

      2. Where are you moving from? How long have you been away? Are you more interested in ingredients (eg the now widespread panko breadcrumbs that are better for coating things than regular breadcrumbs) or finished products (eg Gatorade or Tootsie Rolls, both of which now have an OU)?

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        1. re: GilaB

          Thanks GilaB! You got what I meant :-) I don't really feel like stating my exact location, and I am well versed in both NJ and NY stores. I was asking about both ingredients and products ... US products are a new treat to me!!!

          1. re: singingfoodie

            My favorite new-ish ingredient for the kosher cook is MimicCreme (as I've mentioned a bunch of other times here). It's a pareve cream substitute made from nuts and rice, and I've been very happy with it in savory dishes like bolognese sauce or mashed potatoes. Relatively few stores in the NYC area carry it, but you can get it on Amazon, where it's eligible for free shipping. Go for the six-pack of one-pint packages, unless you're using it to make ice cream, want to pour it on your cereal, or otherwise expect to be able to use a quart within ten days of opening it.

            I really like Sadaf pomegranate molasses (which they label 'pomegranate concentrate.') It's sweet-sour, currently generally trendy, and makes very simply cooked foods taste great. There may be other hechshered brands of pomegranate concentrate out there, but I haven't seen them. My bottle was bought at Supersol on the Upper West Side, but I've seen it elsewhere.

            The butter replacement du jour is Earth Balance Buttery Sticks, which (unlike the classic Fleischmann's Unsalted) are trans-fat free.

            Pimenton (smoked paprika) is amazing stuff. I buy mine at Fairway, where it has an OU, but I think McCormick's pimenton also has a hechsher.

            Not knowing how long since it's been since you last shopped here, it's hard to say what products would be new and exciting for you. I really like Ciao Bella brand sorbets and gelatos, only a few of which have been kosher for longer than a year.

            1. re: GilaB

              I've seen MimiCreme in my local Stop and Shop and the major kosher supermarkets all have it.. I heard they debuted a new product at KosherFest- a Richwhip type dessert whip. Heard it tastes just like regular pareve whip although it is supposedly healthier (though not lower in fat and costs about 5 times as much).

              As I've mentioned on this board before, the Earth Balance Buttery Sticks are actually salted to the point that my baking came out salty tasting. I use the Earth Balance Shortening Sticks instead.