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Nov 8, 2010 04:33 PM

Where can I get pork belly, pork femurs, beef drippings, and all the other things good butchers should have?

I called a bunch of butchers and markets today and they all but laughed at me for asking for these things. Anybody know where I might pick these things up without having to make an order of 20 pounds worth? Drippings might be a stretch outside of England, but pork belly really shouldn't be this hard to get... Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places (I'm still new to Pittsburgh).


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  1. Try asian supermarkets in your area, most carry pork belly. Most of these markets do their own butchering.

    1. Try some of your chinese restaurants or markets, they almost always have or can get pork belly.

      1. Try Strip District Meats in the Strip District, they seem to have a pretty large selection.

        1. I found fresh pork belly at Wholeys

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            I always forget about Wholey's for meat! I do buy my fish there pretty often, but always seem to walk right past the meat section.

          2. I just stumbled upon this thread while reading something else. Do you have any Latino markets in your area. We have one and they butcher whole hogs and cows so I can buy ANY part from nose to tail. It's fascinating place to visit. Beef lips anyone? :)