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Nov 8, 2010 02:11 PM

21st birthday help - Boca/Delray

one daughter will be 21 next week and there will be me and 5 girls around 21 yo looking for a fun night out - mid week, East Delray or Boca, something not too noisy (for me!!) but still young but sophisticated if possible.
Any suggestions? We know the usual Atlantic Ave/Mizner Park haunts already. Any type of food but Oriental.

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  1. It's not something you don't already know about. but I can see Rocco's Taco's in Boca potentially being a big hit with such a group.

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      the almost 21 year old goes there already fairly frequently so that was struck off fairly early on - thanks C - any other ideas.

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        Grand Lux? Or are chains "verbotten" (and maybe too old)?

        Grand Lux Cafe
        1780 Sawgrass Mills Cir, Sunrise, FL 33323

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          Not sure what day you had planned, but Wednesday is ladies night at Blue Martini in Boca.

      2. 5 girls all that age...Sounds noisy..I would suggest http://www.brusroom.com/
        in Delray...Great wings and the girls don't have to behave.

        1. Smartie, I hesitate to suggest anything in your neck of the woods since you are so familiar with the area, but two places come to mind...DaDa or Sundy House. They have a great happy hour deal at Sundy house with $5 drinks and plenty of free food. The weather is so perfect this time of year for eating outside, so both of these places would be great. At Dada, as you know, you can order lots of fun apps to share, and their mojitos are very good.

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            zook I thought about DaDa, we go there quite often but I know my daughter likes it so it's a great suggestion.

          2. If you can wait a few days til the following week, you could all try out the new Dune 84 together. That could be fun. Good waterfront dining in Delray, a first. Opening day is Sat 11/20 I think as posted elsewhere. Otherwise, outdoors at Dada or Tryst are certainly good options this time of year, with it cooler and dark early as well.

            1. we have chosen Zed 451 - food is always good and those darned strawberry kiwi martinis - sigh.

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                Trulucks has a great happy hour also!